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Mystic Records is a record label and music production company specializing in hardcore punk, crossover thrash, underground music, vintage and cult records. It is owned and operated by Doug Moody. The label was first established in Hollywood, California and subsequently moved its operations to Oceanside, California. Mystic Records is an independent label and not a member of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The label's primary recording studio was originally the site of Del-Fi Studio, where the Bobby Fuller Four recorded "I Fought the Law" and Ritchie Valens recorded "La Bamba".[1]

Some of the best known artists on Mystic Records include NOFX, Dr. Know, RKL, Battalion of Saints, Ill Repute, Agression, and The Mentors. Mystic Records has also released vinyl compilations featuring Suicidal Tendencies, New Regime, Black Flag, SIN 34, Government Issue, The Minutemen, Habeas Corpus, The Instigators, and Bad Religion.[2]

Mystic Records has been credited with several innovations in the independent record scene of the 1980s. It introduced Super Sevens (vinyl discs the size of a 45 that play at the same speed as an LP and feature seven songs), released limited edition records on colored vinyl and issued records in series. Such series include "The Sound of Hollywood," "We Got Power" (40+ bands on one LP), "Copulation" (songs about the police) and "Mystic Sampler" (cuts from various records released in that year). Mystic Records was instrumental in establishing the punk-genre communities in Simi Valley and Oxnard, California (which they dubbed "Slimey Valley" and "Nardcore" respectively).

Doug Moody, the founder of Mystic Records, is considered an independent Rock and Roll pioneer.[3] He produced over 60 gold and platinum records and promoted or produced hit records with performers such as: The Five Satins, The Silhouettes, Lightning Hopkins, The Champs, Dave "Baby" Cortez, The Four Seasons, The Troggs, The Lovin' Spoonful and Led Zeppelin. Moody also founded Clock Records with his father, Walter Moody.

Mystic Records was envisioned as a platform for America's youth to voice their opinions musically. The label attracted hardcore punk, crossover thrash, and speed metal. In its heyday, between 1982 and 1990, Mystic released over 200 records. Moody's biggest collaborators have included Phillip "Philco" Raves, who assisted in producing, recording, and conceptualizing compilation projects; Bill Karras, who managed sales and distribution; and Mark Wilkins, aka Mystic Mark, who oversaw record and tour promotion.

Doug Moody continues to distribute on the Mystic Records label. However, Phillip "Philco" Raves now produces indie and punk records in his downtown Los Angeles recording studio - Downtown Sound.

Mark Wilkins (Mystic Mark) was listed in the 2002 edition of International Who's Who in Popular Music [4] for founding Affiliated Independent Record Companies (A.I.R.CO,) International Record Promotion (IRP), for being West Coast CEO of The Independent Music Association (IMA) and as co-founder, with IMA Founder Don Kulak, of the Independent Music Retailer's Association (IMRA). The IRMA was the plaintiffs in two major class action lawsuits against major record labels. One lawsuit garnered IMRA members $178,000,000, while the other obtained over $250,000,000 for consumers who bought CD's between 1995 and 2005.

"Mystic Records" is also the name of a record shop in Kent in the UK; which has an online presence.

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