Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers

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Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers
Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers logo.png
Full name Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Nürnberg
Founded 1980
Based in Nuremberg
Arena Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
(capacity: 8,400)
League Deutsche Eishockey Liga
Team colors               
Owner(s) Thomas Sabo
GM Germany Lenz Funk
Head coach Germany Peter Draisaitl

The Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Nürnberg are a professional ice hockey club located in Nuremberg, Germany. They play in the country's premier league, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.


EHC 80 Nürnberg

The roots of the team can be traced back to the "SG Nürnberg", a club that played since 1958/59 in 2nd Bundesliga, that folded in spring of 1980 after years of financial trouble. Today's team was founded in 1980 as EHC Nürnberg 1980 e.V., as a non-profit organization. Play started in 1980–81 in the Bavarian state ice-hockey league (German: Eishockey-Bayernliga). After a single season, the team moved up to the Southern Regional league (German: Regionalliga Süd), and was promoted again after just one season in 1983 to the 3rd tier German Ice Hockey league (German: Oberliga Süd).

Nürnberg Ice Tigers

By 1987, EHC Nürnberg 1980 moved up to the 2nd Bundesliga. In the early 90's, financial uncertainty around German professional ice-hockey lead to the foundation of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga – DEL. The DEL was modeled after the NHL, with hopes of providing financial stability through licensing and franchising of teams.

EHC Nürnberg 1980 was admitted to the DEL as a founding member on June 13, 1994, one of 6 teams from the 2nd Bundesliga. As the DEL replaced the 1st Bundesliga and now represents the highest level of German professional ice-hockey, this in effect resulted in a promotion. In the first DEL season, the EHC 80 Nürnberg finished the regular season on the 12th place, only to be eliminated in the first playoff round.

For the next season, the professional team was broken out of the non-profit organization and incorporated as the Nürnberg Ice Tigers, with the youth and amateurs keeping the old name.[1] The 1998–99 DEL season has brought the greatest success so for the Tigers; 1st place in the regular season, only to lose in the playoff finals to the Adler Mannheim, who dominated German Ice Hockey in the late 1990s.

Sinupret Ice Tigers

In 2006, the Ice Tigers and Bionorica AG, signed a three-year agreement giving Bionorica the naming rights to the team. Starting with the 2006–07 DEL season, the team was renamed to Sinupret Ice Tigers, after a Bionorica product.

During the 2008–09 season it became obvious that the Ice Tigers were in a dire financial situation. On November 25, 2008, preliminary insolvency was filed and on December 30, 2008, declared. This led to the corporate sponsor Bionorica pulling their support in March 2009. An investor group led by local jeweler Thomas Sabo intervened on April 3, 2009, pre-empting bankruptcy proceedings and ensuring participation in the 2009–10 season. The team is now known as the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers.

Current roster[edit]

Updated June 19, 2013.[2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
21 Germany Buzas, PatrickPatrick Buzas C L 27 2012 Augsburg, Germany
Canada Caldwell, RyanRyan Caldwell D L 33 2013 Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
42 Germany Ehliz, YasinYasin Ehliz RW L 21 2010 Bad Tölz, Germany
Germany Elsner, DavidDavid Elsner F R 22 2013 Landshut, Germany
Sweden Eriksson, FredrikFredrik Eriksson D L 30 2013 Örebro, Sweden
2 Canada Festerling, BrettBrett Festerling D L 28 2012 Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
20 Canada James, ConnorConnor James C R 31 2012 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
19 Canada Jaspers, JasonJason Jaspers (A) C L 33 2012 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
29 Germany Jenike, AndreasAndreas Jenike G L 25 2010 Hamburg, Germany
9 Germany Kaufmann, EvanEvan Kaufmann C R 29 2012 Tonka Bay, Minnesota, USA
26 Germany Lindlbauer, PeterPeter Lindlbauer D R 23 2011 Bad Tölz, Germany
10 Germany Nowak, MarcoMarco Nowak D R 23 2012 Dresden, Germany
93 Germany Pföderl, LeoLeo Pföderl RW R 20 2012 Bad Tölz, Germany
8 Canada Pollock, JameJame Pollock (A) D R 35 2011 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Canada Regier, StevenSteven Regier LW L 29 2013 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
17 Germany Reimer, PatrickPatrick Reimer (C) RW R 31 2012 Mindelheim, Germany
28 Canada Reinprecht, StevenSteven Reinprecht C L 38 2012 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
15 Germany Rupprich, StevenSteven Rupprich C L 25 2012 Berlin, Germany
27 Germany Schüle, TimTim Schüle D L 23 2010 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
22 United States Stastny, YanYan Stastny C L 31 2011 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Germany Weber, MarcusMarcus Weber D L 21 2013 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
30 Canada Weiman, TylerTyler Weiman G L 30 2012 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Former coaches[edit]

All-time records[edit]

  • The most DEL games for the club: 492 Martin Jiranek
  • The most DEL goals for the club: 173 Martin Jiranek
  • The most DEL penalty minutes for the club: 576 John Craighead


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