Néstor Guillén

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Néstor Guillén
President of Bolivia
In office
21 July 1946 – 15 August 1946
Preceded by Gualberto Villarroel López
Succeeded by Tomás Monje
Personal details
Born Néstor Guillén Olmos
(1890-01-28)January 28, 1890
La Paz, Bolivia
Died 1966 (aged 75–76)
Nationality Bolivian
Profession politician

Néstor Guillén Olmos (January 28, 1890 – 1966) was briefly President of Bolivia.

Background and earlier career[edit]

Born in La Paz, Guillén studied law and rose to become second from the top in the La Paz Court of Appeals.

President of Bolivia[edit]

He served as President of Bolivia for 27 days between July and August 1946, following the overthrow and assassination of President Gualberto Villarroel (1943–46). Upon the death of Villarroel, the confluence of forces that had toppled him needed a reliable caretaker with as few partisan credentials (given the mood of the citizenry, which had just shown what it was capable of during the revolt) to guide the country to elections. They settled on the head of the La Paz Court of Appeals, Tomás Monje Gutiérrez, who was ill at the time. Thus, Guillén filled-in for him for fewer than 4 weeks, whereupon Monje was sworn-in.

Later career and death[edit]

Néstor Guillén then returned to his judgeship and died in 1966.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Gualberto Villarroel
President of Bolivia
Succeeded by
Tomás Monje