N. Murali

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Narasimhan Murali
Residence Chennai
Nationality Indian
Education Chartered Accountant
Employer Kasturi and Sons Limited (KSL)
Known for Publisher of The Hindu Group
Title Co-Chairman of KSL
Spouse(s) Tara Murali
Children Krishna Murali, Kanta Murali

Narasimhan Murali, a qualified chartered accountant, is part of the Kasturi Rangan family and a promoter of Kasturi and Sons Limited, the company that owns The Hindu Group of publications in Chennai, India.

On 21 October 2013, Changes were made in Editorial as well as Business of 'The Hindu'. Subsequently, N.Murali has become Co-Chairman of Kasturi & Sons Limited (KSL) with his brother N.Ram becoming the chairman of KSL & Publisher of 'The Hindu'.[1]


Murali was the managing director and publisher of The Hindu and ''Frontline'' (magazine) during a career which spanned four decades of printing and publishing.[2][3][4] During his time at The Hindu Group Murali focussed on matters concerning the production of the publications, procurement of newsprint, upgrading of technology, logistics and management aspects.

Family feud[edit]

A bitter family feud, conducted in full public glare, including a court case which went from the Company Law Board to the Madras High Court to the Supreme Court of India was fought between members of the family that owned Kasturi and Sons. Murali and his brother N. Ravi resigned along with a few other board members after the court case did not end favourably for their side.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Murali is married to Tara, an architect. They have two children, Krishna and Kanta.

Other interests[edit]

Murali is a devotee of Carnatic music and is currently the President of the Music Academy in Chennai. He is also a cricket lover, having played for Madras University, and has held administrative positions within the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association.


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