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The National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA) is an organisation founded in 1950 to promote bodybuilding, originally just for the United Kingdom. The first contest it organised was the NABBA Mr. Universe which was held on 24 June 1950 and won by Steve Reeves.[1] The contest is still held today under the name Universe Championships. The World Amateur Bodybuilding Association (WABBA) joined NABBA in 1977 but withdrew in 1983, and also hosts a Mr. Universe title.

As competitors from outside the UK wanted to compete in the Mr. Universe contest, other countries joined and NABBA International was formed. A number of other countries now have their own NABBA organisations including NABBA Australia, NABBA USA, NABBA Germany, NABBA Italy, NABBA Austria, NABBA Ukraine. The name NABBA by itself refers to the original UK organisation.


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