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Founded January 2004, Aurora, Colorado
Focus Animal rights
Area served Mexico
Method Neutering
Disaster relief
Website official website is a charitable organization promoting the compassionate treatment of animals, engaging in disaster relief operations, and promoting child education in Mexico. was initially founded by Steven M Nelson and Alex West in January 2004 in Aurora, Colorado, to combat mistreatment of animals of Mexico - specifically in the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatán.[1] takes its name from the acronym "Network for Animal Care, Education, and Resources". The word nacer in Spanish means "to be born" and references the concept of "the birth of compassion" by the organization.

The organization is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity, and a Colorado nonprofit organization.


In June 2004 the organization conducted its first surgical clinic in the Mayan village of Punta Laguna, spaying and neutering scores of animals under a large, open air palapa, at the edge of a lagoon in a forest known for being the largest still-existing colony of feral monkeys in Mexico.

After this inaugural clinic, the organization began conducting similar free clinics in pueblos throughout the region, including Temozon, Ek Balam, Puerto Morelos, Cancun, and Rancho Viejo.

Bulldozer at animal shelter in Cancun.
February 18, 2005.

Following an episode when a zealous developer bulldozed a small, private animal shelter in Cancun, came to the aid of the operator of that shelter, raising a public outcry which garnered international attention. also assisted in raising funds for relief following hurricanes Emily and Wilma - repairing a damaged water supply in the village of Panabar, and helping to rebuild private homes in the colonias of Playa del Carmen.[2]

In early 2006, underwent a change in direction. Previous to this point, the organization had recruited Veterinary Technician students, veterinarians, and Certified Technicians to travel to Southern Mexico to conduct their clinics. It became apparent however that a greater impact could be effected by supporting the many capable veterinarians in the region, in conducting sterilization campaigns originating from within the country.

Additionally, the program's long-standing advocacy of education as a vehicle for strengthening the culture and thus promoting greater compassion and awareness of animal welfare issues assumed greater prominence in the organization's activities.

The Look Beyond Project was created, whereby Mayan children are given the opportunity to earn their own personal computers (donated by American contributors) by teaching each other computer literacy skills. This approach was undertaken in conjunction with a teacher, Carlos Peche, from a grassroots literacy library, The Hekab Be Library, in the town of Akumal, Mx.

To date has raised thousands of dollars, and sterilized thousands of animals in the region.


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