NACLA Report on the Americas

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NACLA Report on the Americas
Frequency Bi-monthly
First issue  1967 (1967-month)
Final issue Winter 2014/2015
Company North American Congress on Latin America
Country United States
Based in New York, New York
Language English
ISSN 1071-4839

NACLA Report on the Americas was a political magazine published by the North American Congress on Latin America.


The North American Congress on Latin America was founded on November 1966 by leaders of the New Left movement to analyze the mainstream media coverage of the Johnson Administration's invasion of the Dominican Republic. In 1967 the NACLA began publishing what was then known as the NACLA Newsletter. Later it adopted the name NACLA's Latin America and Empire Report and in 1977 adopted its present name, NACLA Report on the Americas.

The journal described itself as "the oldest and most widely read progressive magazine covering Latin America and its relationship with the United States".[1]

The magazine changed from bimonthly to quarterly in 2012. It ceased print publication in 2015.[2]


A standard issue began with several short pieces on Latin American and Caribbean current events followed by a series of longer in-depth articles grouped in a thematic section on a particular topic of Latin American affairs and/or U.S. policy toward the region. Each issue ended with a review section on books related to Latin American and Caribbean political themes.


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