NASA Visitor Center (Wallops Flight Facility)

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NASA Visitor Center
NASA Visitor Center at Wallops Flight Facility 002 crop.jpg
Established 1982
Location Building J-17
Wallops Island, Virginia
Coordinates 37°56′19″N 75°27′26″W / 37.9386°N 75.45736°W / 37.9386; -75.45736
Type Space[1]
Website NASA Visitor Center

The NASA Visitor Center is located in Building J-17, Wallops Island, Virginia, United States along Route 175. It contains exhibits highlighting past missions conducted at Wallops Flight Facility.[1] The visitor center also provides information about current activities at Wallops Flight Facility, such as the sounding rockets, balloons and aircraft program. The outside grounds has rockets and aircraft used for space and aeronautical research including a full-scale four stage reentry vehicle used to study the earth's atmosphere.


Some exhibits include:

  • Moon rock from Apollo 17
  • Scale models of rockets, satellites, research equipment and aircraft
  • Science On a Sphere
  • Hands-on interactive demonstrations and educational videos
  • Observation deck for watching launches from Wallops Flight Facility
  • Model rocket launches
  • Earth As Art

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