NATO bombing of Vardarska street

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NATO bombing of Vardarska street
Nacionalni automobil Yugo 1999.jpg
Location Belgrade, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Coordinates 44°47′42″N 20°28′42″E / 44.79500°N 20.47833°E / 44.79500; 20.47833
Date 1 May 1999
3:00 AM
Target Unknown
Attack type
Missile attack
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators NATO

The bombing of Vardarska Street was a missile attack which occurred in Belgrade on 1 May 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. NATO stated that it targeted the headquarters of the Army, special police and the Ministry of Defense building in Belgrade. Additionally, NATO admitted that one missile had hit a residential area, but said that they were not aware of the claims of civilian casualties that the Yugoslav media had spoken of.[1]


Homes on Vardarska street were completely destroyed. According to eyewitnesses, a bomb landed in a space between two homes and two family members were injured and taken to an Emergency Medical Center. They recovered from their injuries and survived. The bomb made a two-meter-deep crater between the houses and destroyed the asphalt entry way, with the only thing remaining being a pillar with a street name sign on it.

Due to the powerful detonation, a white Yugo passenger car was thrown onto the ruins of the house - a pile of rafters, roof tiles and bricks. The missile exploded near the street water pipe, causing a temporary flood in a portion of Vardarska street.[2][3]


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