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The Taco Bell Skills Challenge is a National Basketball Association (NBA) contest held on the Saturday before the annual All-Star Game as part of the All-Star Weekend. First held in 2003, it is a competition to test passing, ball-handling and shooting ability. In the current version of the contest, a participant first shoots a layup. After dribbling between three obstacles, the player must throw a pass into a first net that does not touch the ground. Then, the player shoots a jump shot from 20 feet from the basket. Next, the player must dribble between two more obstacles before passing off to his teammate who repeats the process. When all of these tasks are completed successfully, the timer is stopped. The team with the fastest time from the East faces the team with the fastest time from the West in the final round.

The current champions are Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers and Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz, who ended the 2014 competition with a time of 45.2 seconds, 0.1 second ahead of Michael Carter-Williams and Victor Oladipo.


Steve Nash (left), Dwyane Wade (center), and Damian Lillard (right) share the record for most titles won (2).
dagger Denotes players who are still active
Player(s) (#) Denotes the number of times the player has won
Team(s) (#) Denotes the number of times a player from this team has won
Season Player(s) Team(s) Time
2002–03 United States Kidd, JasonJason Kidd New Jersey Nets 35.1 seconds
2003–04 United States Davis, BaronBaron Davis New Orleans Hornets 31.6 seconds
2004–05 Canada Nash, SteveSteve Nashdagger Phoenix Suns 25.8 seconds
2005–06 United States Wade, DwyaneDwyane Wadedagger Miami Heat 26.1 seconds
2006–07 United States Wade, DwyaneDwyane Wadedagger (2) Miami Heat (2) 26.4 seconds
2007–08 United States Williams, DeronDeron Williamsdagger Utah Jazz 25.5 seconds[a]
2008–09 United States Rose, DerrickDerrick Rosedagger Chicago Bulls 35.3 seconds
2009–10 Canada Nash, SteveSteve Nashdagger (2) Phoenix Suns (2) 29.9 seconds
2010–11 United States Curry, StephenStephen Currydagger Golden State Warriors 28.2 seconds
2011–12 France Parker, TonyTony Parkerdagger San Antonio Spurs 32.8 seconds
2012–13 United States Lillard, DamianDamian Lillarddagger Portland Trail Blazers 29.8 seconds
2013–14 United States Lillard, DamianDamian Lillard (2)
United States Burke, TreyTrey Burkedagger dagger
Portland Trail Blazers (2)
Utah Jazz (2)
45.2 seconds

All-time participants[edit]

(in bold text)
Indicates the winner of the contest
Player (#) Denotes the number of times the player has been in the contest
Season Players
2002–03 Jason Kidd, Stephon Marbury, Tony Parker, Gary Payton
2003–04 Earl Boykins, Baron Davis, Derek Fisher, Stephon Marbury (2)
2004–05 Gilbert Arenas, Earl Boykins (2), Steve Nash, Luke Ridnour
2005–06 LeBron James, Steve Nash (2), Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade
2006–07 Kobe Bryant, LeBron James (2), Chris Paul (2), Dwyane Wade (2)
2007–08 Jason Kidd (2), Chris Paul (3), Dwyane Wade (3), Deron Williams
2008–09 Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson[b], Tony Parker (2), Derrick Rose, Mo Williams
2009–10 Brandon Jennings, Steve Nash (3), Derrick Rose[c], Deron Williams (2), Russell Westbrook
2010–11 Stephen Curry, Chris Paul (4), Derrick Rose (2), John Wall, Russell Westbrook (2)
2011–12 Stephen Curry[d] (2), Kyrie Irving, Tony Parker (3), Rajon Rondo, John Wall (2), Russell Westbrook (3), Deron Williams (3)
2012–13 Jrue Holiday, Brandon Knight, Damian Lillard, Jeremy Lin, Tony Parker (4), Jeff Teague
2013–14 DeMar DeRozan/Giannis Antetokounmpo, Michael Carter-Williams/Victor Oladipo, Reggie Jackson/Goran Dragić, Damian Lillard (2)/Trey Burke[e]
  • a The time is the all-time event record.[1]
  • b Jameer Nelson was injured and was replaced by Mo Williams.
  • c Derrick Rose was injured and was replaced by Russell Westbrook.
  • d Stephen Curry was injured and was replaced by Rajon Rondo.
  • e For the 2013–14 season, the NBA All-Star Weekend Skills Challenge gets revamped to have 4 teams of two players compete to a two-round time relay-style course.


  1. ^ "Deron Williams to defend his Skills Challenge Record, 2010 All Star"

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