NBA Live 96

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NBA Live '96
NBA Live 96 Cover.jpg
Developer(s) MS-DOS: EA Sports
PlayStation: EA Canada
SNES/Sega Genesis: Hitmen Productions
Game Boy: Tiertex Design Studios
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts, THQ
Series NBA Live
Platform(s) PC, PlayStation, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy
Release date(s) [1]DOS
  • NA December 31, 1995
  • JP June 14, 1996
  • NA March 1996
  • EU May, 1996
  • NA October, 1995
  • EU November 23, 1995
[4]Sega Genesis
  • NA 1995
  • EU November 30, 1995
[5]Game Boy
  • NA March, 1996
  • EU January 22, 1996
Genre(s) Sports (Basketball)
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (Head to Head or Cooperative)
Distribution Cartridge, CD-ROM

NBA Live 96 is the second installment of the NBA Live video games series. The PC and PlayStation covers features Shaquille O'Neal of the Orlando Magic, while the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis box covers show a photo of the tip-off to Game 1 of the 1995 NBA Finals. The game was published by EA Sports and released on November 30, 1995. The PlayStation and PC versions were the first games in the series to feature a 3D rendered court, allowing for multiple camera angles using EA's "Virtual Stadium" technology (also used by FIFA Soccer 96 and NHL 96). The on-court player graphics remained 2D sprites. It was also the first NBA Live game released for the PlayStation. NBA Live 96 is followed by NBA Live 97.


Real NBA Strategy

  • New on-the-fly playcalling.
  • New animated play diagrams.
  • New Coaching Mode.

Real NBA Action

  • 3D rendered courts.
  • Animations - check out the new one-on-one moves.
  • Dunks include tip slams and power dunks.
  • Alley-oops, blocked dunks and mid-air passes.


  • Multiple camera angles.
  • Full motion video.
  • High resolution player portraits.
  • Create, Draft, Edit & Trade players.
  • Team, player and user stats are saved all season long.
  • Save and Prints stats.
  • '95-'96 schedule. Full season, exhibition or go direct to playoffs anytime.
  • All 29 '95-'96 NBA teams, 2 All-Star and 4 Customs teams.


  • Live 96 introduced the Free Agent pool and Create-a-Player to the series.
  • The first NBA Live to utilize Virtual Stadium Technology and multiple camera angles.
  • Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were not included due to licensing issues. They did however exist as hidden players in the console version of the game. Players could unlock them by entering their surnames (along with the surnames of various legends and rookies from the draft class of 1995) in Create-a-Player.