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NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Founded 2004
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Manhattan, New York
Owner Comcast
Parent NBCUniversal Television Group (NBCUniversal, Inc.)

NBCUniversal Television Distribution (NUTD) is the television distribution arm of the NBCUniversal Television Group in the United States, and is a subsidiary of Comcast. It was previously known as NBC Enterprises and Universal Domestic Television (MCA TV, Avco Embassy Television, Multimedia Entertainment, PolyGram Television, USA Cable Entertainment, etc.)

The company currently distributes television series produced by NBC (post-1973), Universal Television, Multimedia Entertainment, Studios USA, Revue Studios, PolyGram Television, Universal Media Studios, and its own series. The division distributes the film libraries of Universal Pictures, most pre-1950 Paramount Pictures theatrical sound features, all 1996-99 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment films plus some from before 1996, USA Films, and Focus Features, among others.

The name was changed to reflect the NBCUniversal brand in 2004. NUTD is considered the third broadcast syndication arm of NBC, with NBC Enterprises was the second and NBC Films (now part of CBS Television Distribution) as the first, dating back to Spring 1953. NUTD is also considered the sixth broadcast syndication arm of Universal Television with MCA TV as the first, Universal Television Enterprises as the second, Studios USA Television Distribution as the third, Universal Domestic Television as the fourth, and Universal Television Distribution as the fifth.

Shows produced and/or distributed by NUTD and its predecessors[edit]

NOTE: This is only a partial list. Not all these television shows were originally produced by this unit, but unless otherwise noted, they are now under the control of NBCUniversal, through a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Current programming[edit]

Note: Some series by Universal with names such as Universal Network Television LLC in the credits are currently by Universal Media Studios formerly NBC Universal Television Studio or by Universal Television Enterprises LLC for NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Off-net Syndication[edit]

Library programming[edit]

Revue Studios[edit]

Universal Television[edit]

Universal Animation Studios[edit]

Note: Previously known as Universal Cartoon Studios

MCA Television[edit]

Includes shows by MCA TV and MCA Television Entertainment (MTE)

NBC Studios[edit]

Multimedia Entertainment[edit]

PolyGram Television[edit]

Endemol USA (distribution only)[edit]

Barry & Enright Productions[edit]

Other series[edit]


1. Bonanza: The ownership of the show was later acquired by Republic Pictures and passed through to Worldvision Enterprises/Paramount Domestic Television and now CBS Television Distribution.

2. Little House on the Prairie: NBCUniversal owns the underlying rights, but CTD is responsible for domestic syndication (as successor-in-interest to former distributor Worldvision Enterprises). NUTD handles global rights through MGM International Television Distribution.

3. Punky Brewster: Produced by NBC Productions for the first two seasons, while the first-run syndicated episodes were produced by Columbia Pictures Television due to fin-syn laws then in place. Sony Pictures Television handles domestic syndication, while NBCU handles international syndication. Shout! Factory has DVD rights.

4. Saved By The Bell: Formerly distributed by Paramount Domestic Television (through then-corporate sibling Paramount Television's acquisition of Rysher Entertainment) until NBC Enterprises reacquired distribution rights. Lions Gate handles DVD releases and CBS Studios International handles international television rights.

5. Will & Grace: Distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution (for US television distribution) and Warner Home Video (for US home video); NUTD handles global rights through MGMITD (for television release) and Lionsgate Home Entertainment (for home video).

6. Las Vegas: The TV show is co-distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution.

7. Multimedia Entertainment: Universal Television assumed the rights to that company's active programming in 1996.

8. Concentration & Classic Concentration: Mark Goodson/Bill Todman Productions (now owned by FremantleMedia) handled production (Goodson solo on "CC"). However, NBC retains the rights to these series and any future revivals. The rights to the original 1958-1973 version are with CBS Television Distribution.

9. Merv Griffin's Crosswords: Distributed by Program Partners. NUTD handled ad sales rights.

10. Family Dog: NUTD only owns North American rights to the series, Warner Bros. International Television Distribution distributes outside the US.

11. The Martha Stewart Show: NBCUniversal has distribution rights in the US, while FremantleMedia handles international distribution rights. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia owns this show.

12. Medical Investigation: CBS Television Distribution handles the US distribution rights, while NBCUniversal has distribution rights outside US.

13 The Big Easy: NBCUniversal only has the North American rights and ITV Studios Global Entertainment has the international rights.

14 Nightly Business Report NBCUniversal only has the rights to the CNBC produced NBR.


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