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The All-NBL Team are an all-star team of the Australian National Basketball League (NBL), selected at the end of each season.[1] It represents a complete starting team of five players who are judged to have been the best performed during the season. The first All-NBL Team was awarded in 1980.

The votes for the players who make up the team is cast by one head coach, one assistant coach and one captain from each team in the league. Voting takes into account regular season performances only, and voters cannot include members of their own team on the ballot. Each All-NBL team submitted by the voters must feature three outside players and two inside players.[2]

The All-NBL Team does not include a coach, and it has never assembled in order to play a game. Instead, the league arranges the NBL All-Star Game, which is held once a season between two teams composed of star players from that season.

On a few occasions, the NBL's Most Valuable Player (MVP) has not been named in the All-NBL Team for that year. This anomaly is a result of the difference between the voting systems determining the two awards, with votes for the MVP award being cast by the two team coaches at the conclusion of each regular season game.

All-NBL teams[edit]

Below is a list of All-NBL teams by year and the players that were selected.[3]

Year Players Selected
1980 Cal Stamp, Danny Morseu, Brian Banks, Herb McEachin, Ian Davies and Ken Richardson
1981 Rocky Smith, Danny Morseu, Al Green, David Nelson and Owen Wells
1982 George Morrow, James Crawford, Leroy Loggins, Phil Smyth and Larry Sengstock
1983 Leroy Loggins, James Crawford, George Morrow, Phil Smyth and Cal Bruton
1984 Phil Smyth, Leroy Loggins, Dan Clausen, James Crawford and Cal Bruton
1985 Phil Smyth, Leroy Loggins, Al Green, Kendall Pinder and Ray Borner
1986 Steve Carfino, Andrew Gaze, Leroy Loggins, Jim Foster and Mark Davis
1987 Steve Carfino, Leroy Loggins, Mark Davis, James Crawford and Andrew Gaze
1988 Andrew Gaze, Leroy Loggins, Mark Davis, Phil Smyth and Tim Dillon
1989 Scott Fisher, Phil Smyth, Andrew Gaze, Mark Davis and Kent Lockhart
1990 Derek Rucker, Andrew Gaze, Scott Fisher, Leroy Loggins and Andre Moore
1991 Andrew Gaze, Ricky Grace, Mike Mitchell, Scott Fisher and Mark Davis
1992 Andrew Vlahov, Andrew Gaze, Dwayne McClain, Scott Fisher and Doug Overton
1993 Terry Dozier, Andrew Gaze, Robert Rose, Leroy Loggins and Melvin Thomas
1994 Darryl McDonald, Andrew Gaze, Leon Trimmingham, Leroy Loggins and Mark Bradtke
1995 Andrew Gaze, Darryl McDonald, Robert Rose, Andrew Vlahov, Reggie Smith and John Dorge
1996 Andrew Gaze, Darryl McDonald, Robert Rose, Ray Owes and Mark Bradtke
1997 Derek Rucker, Clarence Tyson, Andrew Gaze, Robert Rose and Mark Bradtke
1998 Ben Melmeth, Andrew Gaze, Steve Woodberry, Derek Rucker and Ray Owes
1999 Andrew Gaze, Lanard Copeland, Mark Bradtke, Kevin Brooks and Steve Woodberry
2000 Paul Rogers, Mark Bradtke, Sam Mackinnon, Brett Maher and Andrew Gaze
2001 Robert Rose, Mark Bradtke, Jason Smith, Darnell Mee and Ricky Grace
2002 Mark Bradtke, Ricky Grace, Lanard Copeland, Paul Rogers and Chris Anstey
2003 Chris Williams, Mark Bradtke, Ricky Grace, Brett Maher and Shane Heal
2004 Stephen Black, John Rillie, Sam Mackinnon, Matthew Nielsen and Mark Bradtke
2005 Darnell Mee, Brian Wethers, Jason Smith, Chris Burgess and Mark Bradtke
2006 Brett Maher, C. J. Bruton, Cortez Groves, Larry Abney and Chris Anstey
2007 Dave Thomas, Martin Cattalini, Sam Mackinnon, Carlos Powell and Chris Anstey
2008 Kirk Penney, Ebi Ere, Shawn Redhage, Mark Worthington and Chris Anstey
2009 C. J. Bruton, Kirk Penney, Ebi Ere, Mark Worthington and Chris Anstey
2010 Tywain McKee, Corey Williams, Kirk Penney, Mark Worthington and Shawn Redhage
2011 Gary Ervin, Damian Martin, Kirk Penney, Gary Wilkinson and Julian Khazzouh
2012 Cedric Jackson, Kevin Lisch, Thomas Abercrombie, Mark Worthington and Julian Khazzouh
2013 Cedric Jackson, Kevin Lisch, Ben Madgen, Seth Scott and Matthew Knight
2014 Rotnei Clarke, Chris Goulding, James Ennis, Daniel Johnson, Andrew Ogilvy


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