NCAA Season 82

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NCAA Season 82
"Proud and True at 82: Blazing Beyond Limits"
Host school CSB's school colors De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
General champions
Seniors PCU school colors PCU Dolphins
Juniors SSC-R school colors San Sebastian Staglets
Seniors' champions
Sport Men Women
Basketball San Beda school colors San Beda N/A
Volleyball PCU school colors PCU SSC-R school colors SSC-R
Swimming San Beda school colors San Beda N/A
Chess PCU school colors PCU N/A
Table tennis PCU school colors PCU N/A
Juniors' champions
Sport Boys Girls
Basketball SSC-R school colors SSC-R N/A
Volleyball SSC-R school colors SSC-R N/A
Swimming CSB school colors LSGH N/A
Chess PCU school colors PCU N/A
Table tennis CSB school colors LSGH N/A
(Ex) = Exhibition; (DS) = Demonstration Sport
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Blazie, the mascot of the 82nd season of the NCAA.

NCAA Season 82 is the 2006-2007 season of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Philippines).

The start of the basketball competition is scheduled at June 24 at the Araneta Coliseum.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is the host of the 2006-2007 season, with this year's theme “Proud and True at 82: Blazing Beyond Limits.”


Seniors' basketball tournament[edit]

Elimination round[edit]

Team standings progression in the senior's basketball tournament.
Qualified for semifinals with twice to beat advantage
Qualified for semifinals
# Team W L PCT GB Tie
1 San Beda school colors San Beda Red Lions 13 1 .928 --
2 PCU school colors PCU Dolphins 10 4 .714 3 Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Letran school colors Letran Knights 10 4 .714 3 Symbol unrelated.svg
4 Mapua school colors Mapúa Cardinals 7 7 .500 6
5 UPHD school colors UPHSD Altas 5 9 .357 8
6 SSC-R school colors San Sebastian Stags 4 10 .286 9
7 JRU school colors JRU Heavy Bombers 4 10 .286 9
8 CSB school colors Benilde Blazers 3 11 .214 10

Host team in boldface.

Tiebreaker: PCU defeated Letran on the playoff for the 2nd seed, 67-62

NBI agents were present in the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, monitoring the basketball games. Rumours still persist that there were still efforts of game fixing in the games. The suspects "resurfaced" during the first round game between the Blazers and the Heavy Bombers, the day where the agents were supposedly absent.[1]


  2nd seed playoff Semifinals
#1 & #2 have twice-to-beat advantage
Best-of-three series
    1  San Beda school colors San Beda 55    
    4  Mapua school colors Mapúa 51    
    1  San Beda school colors San Beda 71 50 68
    2  PCU school colors PCU 57 72 67
 Letran school colors Letran  62   2  PCU school colors PCU 72  
 PCU school colors PCU  67   3  Letran school colors Letran 50    


2006 Seniors' Basketball Champion
San Beda colors.svg
San Beda
Twelfth title

Samuel Ekwe got four out of five awards given by the NCAA Press Corps:[2]

  • Most Valuable Player: Nigeria Samuel Ekwe (San Beda)
  • Most Valuable Player (Finals): Philippines Yousif Aljamal (San Beda)
  • Rookie of the Year: Nigeria Samuel Ekwe (San Beda)

Juniors' basketball tournament[edit]

Elimination round[edit]

Qualified for semifinals with twice to beat advantage
Qualified for semifinals
# Team W L PCT GB
1 PCU school colors PCU Baby Dolphins 9 3 .750 --
2 SSC-R school colors San Sebastian Staglets 9 3 .750 --
3 San Beda school colors San Beda Red Cubs 9 3 .750 --
4 JRU school colors JRU Light Bombers 6 6 .500 3
5 CSB school colors La Salle Greenies 5 7 .417 4
6 UPHD school colors UPHSD Altalettes 4 8 .333 5
7 Letran school colors Letran Squires 0 12 .000 9
8 Mapua school colors Malayan Red Robins On leave


#1 & #2 have twice-to-beat advantage
1  PCU colors.svg PCU 67    
4  NU colors.svg JRU 66    
  1  PCU colors.svg PCU 55 41
  2  SSC-R colors.svg San Sebastian 57 65
2  SSC-R colors.svg San Sebastian 61  
3  San Beda colors.svg San Beda 52    


2006 Juniors' Basketball Champion
SSC-R colors.svg
San Sebastian
Third title

Elvin Jake Pascual won the MVP award in the Juniors' division,[2] although it was later returned after the conclusion of PCU High School's eligibility scandal.[3]

Volleyball tournaments[edit]

Swimming tournaments[edit]

Seniors' division[edit]

Team Pts.
San Beda Red Lions 813.5
PCU Dolphins 551.0
St. Benilde Blazers 266.0
Mapua Cardinals 211.0
San Sebastian Stags 181.5

Juniors' division[edit]

Team Pts.
LSGH Greenies 771.50
San Sebastian Staglets 641.00
UPHSD Altas 408.25
CSB Blazers 199.75
San Beda Red Cubs 93.00

Chess tournaments[edit]

Seniors' division[edit]

Team Pts.
PCU Dolphins 30.0
Mapua Cardinals 20.0
Letran Knights 15.0
San Sebastian Stags 10.0
CSB Blazers 5.0
San Beda Red Lions 3.0
JRU Heavy Bombers 2.0
UPHSD Altas 1.0

Juniors' division[edit]

Team Pts.
PCU Baby Dolphins 30.0
San Sebastian Staglets 20.0
Letran Squires 15.0
LSGH Greenies 10,0
JRU Light Bombers 5.0
UPHSD Altalettes 3.0

Individual awards[edit]

  • Most outstanding players:
    • Juniors': Haridas Pascua (PCU)
    • Seniors': Deniel Causo (PCU)
  • Coach of the year: Raymond Salcedo (PCU)

Cheerdance competition[edit]

The NCAA Cheerdance Competition was held on September 8, 2006 at the Araneta Coliseum. The UPHSD PerpSquad successfully defended their championship, while the Letran Cheering Squad and the Mapúa Cheerping Cardinals all improved their places as compared from last year.

Rank Pep squad
1st UPHSD PerpSquad
2nd Letran Cheering Squad
3rd Mapúa Cheerping Cardinals
4th PCU Pep Squad
5th JRU Marshalls
6th San Sebastian Golden Stags Pep Squad
7th San Beda Cheerleaders Association
DNP St. Benilde Green Peppers

The Cheerdance Competition is not counted on the tabulation of the General Championship.

General Championship[edit]

Seniors division[edit]

Rank School Points
1st PCU colors.svg PCU 278   
2nd CSB colors.svg St. Benilde 198.5
3rd Letran colors.svg Letran 148   
4th San Beda colors.svg San Beda 147   
5th SSC-R colors.svg San Sebastian 145.5
6th Mapua colors.svg Mapúa 86   
7th UPHD colors.svg UPHD 62.5
8th NU colors.svg JRU 13.5

Broadcast notes[edit]

ABS-CBN affiliates Studio 23 and The Filipino Channel broadcast the Playoffs series and selected elimination round games. The broadcast crew included Butch Maniego and Bill Velasco, among others. The broadcast crew included the courtside reporters from all schools.

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