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NDrive Navigation Systems, SA is a worldwide provider of navigation services to mobile platforms. Founded in 2001, the company headquartered is in Porto, Portugal.[1]

NDrive currently sells its products in over 50 countries throughout the world under its own brand or via OEMs. Its customers include well-known brands in categories such as laptop (HP) consumer electronics (ARCHOS), mapping portal (Mappy), handset manufacturer (Samsung, HTC, Toshiba) and wireless operator (TMN).

NDrive’s navigation software is running on Android, bada, Symbian, webOS and multiple Windows platforms. In 2010, NDrive navigation disappeared from the Apple iTunes Store, and from customer's phones without warning or refund. The app did not return to the iPhone.[2]

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However a new application called NAVV replaced the NDRIVE application on iTunes store. The look, the functions and everything else were the same, meaning that NDRIVE just changed the name of the application.


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