NEC PC-6001

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NEC PC-6001 mkII
Manufacturer NEC
Type Personal Computer
Release date November 1981 (1981-11)
Media ROM Cartridge, Cassette tape
CPU Zilog Z80 compatible PD 780c-1 clocked at 3.8MHz, MC6847 compatible co-processor M5C6847P-1
Memory 16-32KB RAM, 20KB ROM
Display 256×192 (monochrome), 128×192 (2 colours), 64×48 (9 colours), 256×128, 128×128
Input Keyboard
Successor NEC PC-6601

The NEC PC-6001 was the first of the NEC Corporation personal computer line. There were several versions of the PC-6001, including the PC-6001 MK2 and the PC-6001 MK2 SR. There was also an American version, called the NEC TREK, or NEC PC-6001A. It was followed by the NEC PC-6601.

Several peripherals were available for the system in North America, including an expander with three cartridge jacks (some of the cartridge-based games used two cartridges), a cassette-tape recorder, a 5.5" floppy disk drive, a printer, and a touchpad.


Preceded by
NEC PC-8000
NEC Personal Computers Succeeded by
NEC PC-6601
NEC PC-8801