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NESDB is the National Economic and Social Development Board of Thailand. It is also called "Sa-pa-pat" in Thai.


  • Established in 1950 as the National Economic Board (NEB)
  • Renamed National Economic Development Board (NEDB) in 1959
  • Launched the First National Economic Development Plan in 1961
  • Reformed as the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) in 1972, under the Prime Minister’s Office


Key Functions[edit]

  • Formulate the National Economic and Social Development Plan and translate it into action within a 5-year timeframe.
  • Make 4 National Agendas:
  • Formulate strategies for key government policies and major development projects
  • Analyze budget proposals by state enterprises and related agencies
  • Create an Economic Intelligence Database, especially on GDP data
  • Develop development indicators

Organizational structure[edit]

The NESDB Organizational Structure comprises 2 main components.

NESDB Board[edit]

  • Comprising 15 distinguished professionals
  • Provides recommendations and comments on national economic and social development to the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Coordinates between the NESDB and related government agencies and state enterprises to formulate plans, development projects, and implementations

Office of the NESDB[edit]

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