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Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Video game controller
Generation Third generation era
Retail availability July 1988
  • Cycloid (8 direction)
  • 6x digital buttons (A, B, Turbo A, Turbo B, Start, Select)
Connectivity NES controller port

The NES Max is a gamepad that was released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988. Like many later controllers (such as those for the PlayStation and N64), it has "wings": handles that extend from the edges of the pad.


The NES Max features turbo "A" and "B" buttons in addition to the standard action buttons.[1]There is no adjustment for the turbo rate as there is on the more famous NES Advantage, and the NES Max was known to fail to exceed the NES Advantage's maximum turbo setting. The Max also replaces the D-pad found on standard NES controllers with small button-shaped pad called a cycloid.[2] For more traditional control, the cycloid area is surrounded by an 8-way control pad ring.


The controller is smaller in width than a standard NES controller and is slightly thinner. Unlike the standard controller the NES Max has handles to allow for additional grip. The Max's official Nintendo part number is NES-027.


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