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Company / developer Apparat, Inc.
OS family DOS
Working state Historic
Source model Proprietary
Initial release 1980s
Available in English
Supported platforms TRS-80
Kernel type Monolithic
Default user interface Command-line interface

NewDos/80 is a third-party operating system that was made available for the Radio Shack TRS-80 line of microcomputers beginning in 1980. NewDos/80 was developed by Apparat, Inc. of Denver, Colorado.

The operating system had additional commands and features that were not available in TRS-DOS, the native operating system for TRS-80 computers. NewDos/80 allowed TRS-80 computers to take advantage of advances in floppy disk storage that went beyond the initial 87.5KB 35-track, single-density, single-sided format.[1] The system also corrected issues that early versions of TRS-DOS had with arbitrarily losing data due to errors in how it communicated with the contemporary TRS-80 disk drives' 1771 disk controller.

NewDos/80 had many options for specifying specific low-level disk configurations. Settings such as diskette formats, disk drive types, track geometry and controllers could be configured using the PDRIVE command.[1]


Some typical NewDos/80 commands:

NewDos/80 commands and counterparts in other operating systems
Command MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows UNIX, Unix-like
APPEND type file1 >> file2 cat file >> file2
ATTRIB attrib chmod
AUTO AUTOEXEC.BAT ~/.profile or ~/.login or /etc/rc*
CLOCK prompt $t * in some shells: PS1="...\t..." *
COPY copy cp
DIR dir ls
FORMAT format mkfs
FREE chkdsk df
KILL del rm
LIST type cat
LOAD program program program
PRINT type file > prn lpr
PROT attrib chmod
RENAME ren or rename mv

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