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NEWZ Bangla
Launched 30 November 2009
Country India
Language Hindi
Broadcast area India

NEWZ Bangla (Bengali: NEWZ বাংলা) is a daily Bengali newspaper published from Kolkata. Its evening edition is known as 'Sandhya NEWZ BANGLA' (Bengali: সান্ধ্য NEWZ বাংলা).


The editor of this paper is Mr.Anup Dhar. Marketing and Branding is looked after by Mr. Aninda Majumdar.Mr Bappadittya Mitra Mustafi is the News Editor,manas chattopadhyay is the chief reporter and Ms. Priyanka Maitra heads the features dept. SK SIMUL


It was first published on 30 November 2009. Then it was an evening daily newspaper . On 23 January 2011 it became a morning daily. Its catchline is 'Sangbadikotar Vinno Projonmo' (Bengali: সাংবাদিকতার ভিন্ন প্রজন্ম).