NFL Quarterback Club 99

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NFL Quarterback Club '99
Series NFL Quarterback Club series
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Sports, American football

NFL Quarterback Club '99 released in November 1998, for Nintendo 64, is one of the first sports games to work with the Expansion Pak. The game featured all the NFL teams, replay past Super Bowls and history on the past Super Bowls. NFL Quarterback Club '99 delivers all 31 teams and 3D rendered stadiums. More than 1,500 players are here with over 250 motion-capture animations. Players, along with teams, uniforms, coaches, and playbooks, can also be created. Play-by-play is handled by Randy Cross and Mike Patrick while the artificial intelligence was developed by coach Charlie Weis.

Other than that, the graphics are high resolution, with the optional expansion pak and rumble pak. The expansion pak only makes replays longer and slightly improves overall performance.

New additions from the previous game[edit]

  • More realistic graphics
  • Team specific playbooks
  • Info from previous Super Bowls
  • Practice Mode

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