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NFTA Metro carried many of its present route numbers and names from the previous International Railway Company routes.

Otherwise, much of the routing follows (loosely) the following number schematic:

  • 1– 49 City of Buffalo and Erie County routes
  • 50–57 City of Niagara Falls and Niagara County routes
  • 60– 81 Express routes from Downtown Buffalo
  • 90–97 Special event routes to Buffalo Bills, Darien Lake
  • 101–118 Buffalo Public School routes
  • 200–216 Metrolink routes

Currently operating routes[edit]

Route Number Route Name Terminals Notes
1 A
1 B
William Downtown (W 4th & Genesee)
City Line (Lovejoy & Goethe)
Appletree (Appletree Transit Center)
2 A
2 B
Clinton Downtown (W 4th & Genesee)
City Line (Clinton and Fernwood)
Transit (Bank of America))
3 A Grant Downtown (N Division & Ellicott)
City Line (Kenmore Ext & Military Road)
4 A
4 B
4 H
Broadway Downtown (W 4th & Genesee)
City Line (Broadway & Michael Streets, Sloan)
Harlem (Thruway Plaza Transit Center)
"A" trips operate to Michael Loop at the city line, "B" trips operate via Broadway to Harlem, and "H" trips operate via Halstead Avenue, through the Village of Sloan.
5 A Niagara/


Downtown (So. Division & Washington)
University Station
Route changed to move service on Sheridan to separate route 35-Sheridan, and add service from previous route 30-Kenmore.
6 A Sycamore Downtown (Waterfront Village - Lakefront & La Riviere)
Galleria Mall (Walden Galleria Mall)
7 A Baynes/


Downtown (So. Division & Washington)
Forest (Buffalo Psychiatric Center)
8 A Main (City) Waterfront Village (Lakefront & La Riviere)
University Station
11 A
11 D
Colvin Downtown (So. Division & Washington)
Paramount (Colvin & Paramount Dr.)
Fillmore (Fillmore & Wales, Tonawanda)
12 A
Utica Niagara (Niagara & Hampshire)
City Line (Main & Bailey - Jersey Left Loop)
13 A
Kensington Utica Station (Main & Utica)
University Station (University Metro Rail Station)
14 A
14 B
14 C
Abbott Road Downtown (Washington & Mohawk)
Lackawanna (The Shops at West Seneca)
McKinley Mall (McKinley Parkway nr. Milestrip)
ECC South (Erie Community College, South Campus)
15 A
15 B
Seneca Downtown (Lower Terrace/Charles)
City Line (Seneca and Wildwood Loop)
Southgate Plaza Transit Center
16 A
16 B
South Park Downtown (Washington and Mohawk)
City Line (Lackawanna Victory Transit Center)
McKinley Mall
18 A Jefferson Delavan/Canisius College Station
Louisiana (Louisiana and South Park)
19 A Bailey University Station
Bailey and Abbott
A few trips operate over Dingens into New Buffalo Industrial Park
20 A Elmwood Downtown (Ellicott Loop)
Orchard (Delaware & Orchard)
22 A Porter/
Niagara (Lakeview & Jersey)
Harlem (Thruway Plaza Transit Center)
23 A Fillmore/
Vista Marina (Apartment Complex-Foot of Hertel)
South Park (Abbott & Bailey Av)
24 A
24 B
Genesee Downtown (Amtrak/Exchange)
City Line (Genesee/Andrews Loop)
Airport ([Buffalo Niagara International Airport])
25 A
25 B
Delaware Downtown (Ellicott Loop)
Orchard (Delaware & Orchard Loop)
Tonawanda (Main & Niagara Transit Center, Tonawanda)
26 B Delavan Niagara (Niagara & Delavan)
Harlem (Thruway Plaza Transit Center)
27 A Erie County Home Airport (BNIA)
Wende (Erie County Home)
Replaced service previously offered on "24C" service into Wende. Passengers are now required to transfer between routes at the Buffalo Niagara Airport.
29 A Wohlers Niagara (Maryland & Efner)
Delavan College Station (Delavan-Canisius College Station)
32 B
32 C
Amherst Niagara (Niagara & Amherst Street)
Thruway Mall (Thruway Plaza Transit Center)
34 A
34 B
Niagara Falls Boulevard University Station (Metro Rail)
Amherst Development Park
Audubon (Creekside Park & Ride Lot)
35 A Sheridan Niagara (Tonawanda & Vulcan)
Flint (University at Buffalo North Campus)
Route 35 service replaces service on previous 5-Niagara trips over Sheridan Drive. Service is extended to the University at Buffalo's North Campus.
36 A
36 C
Hamburg Downtown (Mohawk & Ellicott)
Hamburg (Main & Buffalo)
McKinley Mall
40 A Buffalo-
Niagara Falls
via Grand Island
Buffalo (Transportation Center)
Niagara Falls (Portage Road Transit Center)
42 A Lackawanna Turnpike/Odell
Southgate Plaza
44 A
44 B
Lockport Buffalo (University Station)
Lockport (Main & Locust)
46 A
46 B
Lancaster Thruway Mall
Thruway Mall-via Harlequin
Route replaces route 6 service past Walden Galleria Mall. This route operates as a one-way loop past Dick Road.
47 A Youngs Road University Station (Metro Rail Station)

Airport (BNIA)
Route replaces Buffalo Airport service from University Station on route 30, which was merged with route 5-Niagara.
48 A Williamsville University Station
Transit (Eastern Hills Mall)
50 A
50 B
Lewiston (2nd @ Mohawk)
Military Road (St. Mary's Hospital)
Niagara Falls Transit Center (near Prime Outlets)
52 A Hyde Park St Mary's Hospital
Niagara Falls Transit Center
54 A Military Portage Road Transit Center
The Summit
55 A
55 B
55 C
55 F
55 L
Pine Avenue Portage Road Transit Center
Niagara Falls Transit Center
Niagara Falls Airport
57 A Tonawandas Main & Niagara
Niagara Falls Airport
Route replaced Tonawanda service on route 20-Elmwood and North Tonawanda service on route 25D Delaware.
60 A Niagara Falls Express Buffalo
Portage Road Transit Center
61 A Delaware Express Downtown (Amtrak/Exchange)
Main & Niagara
64 A Lockport Express Downtown (North Division & Ellicott)
Lockport (Main & Locust)
66 A Williamsville Express Downtown (Main & Allen)
Transit (Eastern Hills Mall)
67 A Cleveland Hill Express Downtown (Main & Allen)
ECC North
68 A George Urban Express Downtown (Amtrak/Exchange)
Airport (BNIA)
69 A
69 B
Alden Express Downtown (Lower Terrace & Charles)
Alden (Broadway & Sullivan)
Lancaster (Broadway & Central)
70 A
70 C
East Aurora Express Downtown (Mohawk & Washington)
East Aurora (Fillmore & Riley)
72 A
72 P
Orchard Park Express Downtown (Washington & Mohawk)
ECC South
74 A
74 B
Hamburg Express Downtown (N Division & Ellicott)
Athol Springs Transit Center
North Boston (Herman Hill Road)
75 A West Seneca Express Downtown (Lower Terrace & Charles)
Bank of America (Transit Road)
Bullis (Seneca Creek & Union)
76 S Lotus Bay Express Downtown (N. Division & Ellicott)
Seneca Bingo
79 A Elmwood Express Downtown (Amtrak Station)
Main & Niagara
81 A
81 B
East Side Express Downtown (South Division & Washington)
201 Lockport Shuttle Lockport (Main & Locust) Hourly loop service in the City of Lockport.
204 Airport/Downtown Express Downtown (N Division & Ellicott)
Airport (Holtz Road Park & Ride)
206 Buffalo State Shuttle Fall/Spring semester shuttle service for Buffalo State College campus, with additional service to Tops and Wegmans markets on Amherst Street
211 Airport/Downtown Express Fall/Spring semester tri-campus shuttle serving ECC City Campus to either North or South campuses.

Previously operating routes[edit]

Route Number Route Name Operation from/to Notes
9 Parkside/Zoo Service continued as an extension of route 18-Jefferson, then 39-Parker bus, then operated for a brief time as a Bflo Transit, Inc. operated route.
As of present time, service has been eliminated along entire route.
10 West Utica Service combined with route 12 East Utica, renamed 12-Utica.
17 Central Terminal Service replaced until 1993 with some service on route 4C, operating Fillmore, Memorial, Paderewski and Memorial, before returning to Broadway.
20E Late Night Express End April 26, 2011
  • Service removed due to low ridership.
  • Shuttle service between Canisiua College, Medaille Collage, Buffalo State College and the Chippawa Entertainment District in Downtown Buffalo. Service operated weekends at first, then Thursday nights only.
21 Michigan/Forest Service eliminated in March 1993, with some service on route 8B serving Michigan from Best Street to William Street.
27 Ridge Road Some service replaced currently with route 42 (Lackawanna) buses.
28 Sheridan Service currently offered partially by route 49 (Millard Suburban) buses.
30 Kenmore Service covered by route 5 (Niagara) and route 47 (Youngs Road) buses.
31 Ogden/Tifft or
So. Buffalo Crosstown
Service continued as extension of route 22 (Porter/Best), then eliminated.
33 Tonawanda/North Tonawanda Some service replaced by route 20 (Elmwood) and route 25 (Delaware). Service currently operates as route 57 (Tonawandas), as of October 31, 2010.
35 Hamburg via Abbott Service discontinued, and replaced partially by an extension of route 14 (Abbott Road). Service currently does not operate south of Erie Community College-South Campus.
37 Hamburg via Camp Some service operates rush hours as part of route 74 (Boston).
38 Buffalo/Angola Some service between Buffalo and Lotus Bay (via Angola) operates as route 76 (Lotus Bay Express).
39 Parker Service eliminated.
41 Sheridan/Harlem Service eliminated.
42 North Campus Shuttle service briefly operated in the 1990s between University Station and UB Flint Circle via North Bailey and Maple Road.
43 Mall Shuttle Service implemented in March 1993 as an extension of routes 4 and route 6 to serve Walden Galleria Mall and Appletree Business Park from Thruway Mall. Service discontinued, and service extended on route 4 to compensate for lost route. Service changed on October 31, 2010 to eliminate route between Galleria Mall and Appletree Business Park.
46 ECMC Shuttle This route operated as a shuttle from Delavan Station to ease pressure off of route 13 service into Erie County Medical Center.
51 Buffalo Av
Military Road
51 Military North
53 Niagara Street
56 River Road Route began March 24, 1993 as a continuation of buses operating from Frontier Station to Niagara Falls routes. Service eliminated October 30, 2010.
58 Lockport-Niagara Falls
58 Lockport City
62 Parker Started March 25, 1993
Ended April 27, 2012
  • Removed due to low ridership
63 Riverside Started March 25, 1993
Ended April 27, 2012
  • Removed due to low ridership
65 Amherst Started March 25, 1993
Ended April 27, 2012
  • Removed due to low ridership
71 Holland Service implemented March 24, 1993, and eliminated with some services transferred to routes 70 and 75.
73 Lancaster Service implemented March 24, 1993, eliminated with removal of service to Lancaster on route 1.
80 ECC Shuttle Tri-campus shuttle connecting ECC campuses.
82 Outer Harbor Shuttle Short-lived route serving businesses on the outer harbor. Service discontinued due to low ridership.
90 Bills Express
NF-Portage Road
Eliminated April, 2012 Seasonal service to Buffalo Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium
91 Bills Express
Eliminated April, 2012 Seasonal service to Buffalo Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium
92 Bills Express
Eliminated April, 2012 Seasonal service to Buffalo Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium
93 Bills Express
Buffalo MTC
Eliminated April, 2012 Seasonal service to Buffalo Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium
94 Bills Express
NF Transit Center
Eliminated April, 2012 Seasonal service to Buffalo Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium
95 Bills Express
Thruway Plaza
Eliminated April, 2012 Seasonal service to Buffalo Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium
96 Bills Express
Clarence Mall
Eliminated April, 2012 Seasonal service to Buffalo Bills home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium
97 Darien Lake Eliminated April, 2012
  • Service removed due to low ridership, and high cost of operating
  • Service operated between Downtown Buffalo and Darien Lake theme park
  • Operated summers only
200 North Tonawanda - Wheatfield Ended May, 2012 Service removed due to low ridership
209 Medaille - Buffalo Zoo Ended May, 2012
  • Service removed due to low ridership
  • Shuttle service connecting Medaille College and remote parking at Buffalo Zoological Gardens
210 Buffalo Airport - Niagara Falls Eliminated April, 2012 in restructuring.
  • Service removed due to low ridership and funding.
  • Service operated between Buffalo Niagara Airport and Niagara Transit Center, and Portage Road Transit Center.
216 McKinley Mall - Gowanda Ended May, 2012
  • Service removed due to low ridership and high operating costs