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NHK World
NHK World.svg
Launched April 1, 1998 (as NHK World TV)
July 23, 2006 to December 6, 2009 (current format)
Owned by NHK
Picture format 576i 16:9 (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan Your Eye on Asia
Country Japan
Language Japanese, English
Broadcast area Worldwide
Los Angeles
Channel 28.4
New York City
Channel 48.5
Channel 35.2
District of Columbia
(MHz Networks)
Channel 30.2
San Francisco, California
Channel 22.3
Foxtel Australia Channel 656
GVT Brazil Channel 140
Sky Brasil Channel 114
DD Direct+ India Channel 42
Indovision Indonesia Channel 354
DirecTV Latin America Channel 782 (pay per view)
Astro Malaysia Channel 398
SKY México Mexico Channel 283 (Mexico)
Cignal Digital TV (Philippines) Channel 83
G Sat Philippines Channel 32
Digital+ (Spain) Channel 574
Dialog TV
Sri Lanka
Channel 1
TrueVisions Thailand Channel 171
Sky UK and Ireland Channel 507 (HD)
Freesat UK Channel 209 (HD)
DishHD Channel 130
Globecast Australia and New Zealand (Optus D2 152°E) 12546 V 22500 3/4 (SD)
AsiaSat 3S Asia 3880 H 27500 3/4
Astra 19.2 Europe 11,509 MHz (Vertical)
Intelsat 19 (166°E) 4060 MHz H 26590 1/2 (DVB-S QPSK)
Intelsat 20 (68.5°E) 3739 MHz H 26590 1/2 (DVB-S QPSK)
Intelsat 21 (58.0°W) 4040 MHz H 26590 1/2 (DVB-S QPSK)
Foxtel Australia Channel 656
Time Warner Cable Hawaii, US Channel 682 & 1682 (HD)
Cable TV Hong Kong Channel 154
First Media Indonesia Channel 257
Skylife Korea Channel 97 (HD)
Minneapolis Public Schools Minneapolis, MN Channel 78
Cablelink Philippines Channel 69
Destiny Cable Philippines Channel 72 (Analog)
Channel 222 (Digital)
Parasat Cable TV Philippines Channel 315
SkyCable Philippines Channel 222 (Digital)
Onlime Russia Channel 96
GTD Manquehue Santiago de Chile Channel 127 (SD) - 825 (HD)
StarHub TV Singapore Channel 147 & 148
TrueVisions Thailand Channel 171
Virgin Media UK Channel 625 (HD)
San Francisco, California
Channel 202
Now TV Hong Kong Channel 710
AT&T U-verse US Channel 1221 (HD)
Telefónica del Sur - Chile Channel 825 (HD)
HyppTV Malaysia Channel 414 (HD)
Streaming media
Live Webcast Official

NHK World is the international broadcasting service of NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai - Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan's public broadcaster. The service is aimed at the overseas market, similar to BBC World News, DW, France 24 and RT, and broadcast through satellite and cable operators throughout the world.

NHK World provides three services: NHK World Radio Japan, NHK World TV, and NHK World Premium. NHK World also makes most of its programming available through an online version of the television channel.

Television Japan[edit]

NHK World Television[edit]

NHK commenced international TV broadcasting services for North America and Europe in 1995. On April 1, 1998, NHK World Television started broadcasting. NHK's news and information channel broadcasts internationally via satellite and cable TV. Programming is broadcast in English. It began as a news channel in February 2009 using the traditional NHK World logo in their own digital on-screen graphic (DOG). Previously, NHK World TV used the traditional "3 Eggs" logo of NHK. The NHK World DOG in the news program, Newsline, is on the bottom left corner of the television screen. In other programming, the DOG is moved to the top left corner of the television screen. Some of the shows are produced by production studio JIB TV which is 60% owned by NHK with the remaining 40% owned by private investors like Microsoft and Japanese bank Mizuho. The NHK World DOG is not used at all when shows produced by JIB TV are aired.

NHK World Premium[edit]

Main article: NHK World Premium

NHK World Premium Television broadcasts a mixture of news, sports and entertainment in Japanese worldwide via satellite as a subscription service. In Europe this service is broadcast under the name JSTV and in the US it is known as TV Japan. The programmes generally don't carry English subtitles.


Current programmes on the channel are:[1]

  • Artisan x Designer - features a team of Japanese artisan and designer, showcasing products of their creative collaboration. Presented with a twist of CG animation.
  • ART TIME-TRAVELLER - hosted by Megumi Sasaki; Japanese art has been producing distinctive works for 10,000 years. Travelling over the times, this series introduces fascinations of Japanese art.
  • Asia Biz Forecast - hosted by Yuko Fukushima; the program forecasts Asia's rapidly changing business, finance and market trends, bringing strategies of hot Asian companies and economist insights.
  • Asia Insight - is a documentary series that portrays Asia today. The region's new face as a centre of growth that is attracting considerable world attention, its traditional face that is being tossed around by the advance of globalization, and other themes are presented with in-depth behind-the-scenes analysis.
  • ASIA MUSIC NETWORK - hosted by Marty Friedman & Hitoto Yo; a brand-new music information show using the internet, to bring music experts from all over Asia together to introduce their Asian Pop Music recommendations.
  • Asia This Week - hosted by Minori Takao; NHK World updates seven days of developments in Japan and Asia, covering the cultures, economies, and politics of more than four billion people.
  • ASIAN VOICES - hosted by Aiko Doden; this program discusses global issues from an Asian perspective and transmits the voices of Asia to the world.
  • At Home with Venetia in Kyoto - Venetia Stanley-Smith has been living in Kyoto's Ohara district for a decade. We introduce her eco-friendly and people-friendly way of life.
  • BEGIN Japanology - hosted by Peter Barakan; this program explores many aspects of Japan, both traditional and contemporary: arts, sports, entertainment, food, technology, nature, etc.
  • Booked for Japan - By discussing essential reading with each famous guest, Japanese literature expert Robert Campbell reveals their values and worldview.
  • Ceramic Treasures - this program takes you to potteries located throughout Japan to explore the charms, the culture and the history of pottery.
  • Cool Japan - hosted by Shoji Kokami & Risa Stegmayer; some aspects of Japanese customs are considered "cool" by foreigners. COOL JAPAN is a television show that illustrates the quickly changing Japanese culture and how it is perceived by the international community that have recently made Japan their home.
  • Core Kyoto - the ancient capital, Kyoto, continues to be innovative after 1,200 years. We dive deep into its core over 20 episodes in this definitive program.
  • DESIGN TALKS - hosted by Andrea Pompilio; magazine style intellectual aesthetic voyage, exploring art and philosophy in Japanese designs from antiques to high-techs, commodities and fashions.
  • Document 72 Hours - this is an unusual program series that explores human dramas through chance encounters with ordinary people at selected locations.
  • Go, Kitchen, Go! - hosted by Taiyo Sugiura; chefs travel around Japan on Kitchen Car to meet farmers, fishermen and cook signature dishes with local ingredients to entertain the producers.
  • Great Gear - hosted by Matthew Masaru Barron; covers the latest in Japanese ideas and technology from a wide range of industries. In-depth features focus on innovation and tradition in craft, engineering, design and business.
  • GREAT NATURE - features the earth's 4.6 billion-year history—its dynamism, mysterious phenomenon, mother ocean—all presented in high quality formats.
  • imagine-nation - hosted by Chiaki Horan & Nicholas Pettas; spotlighting Japanese pop culture, interviews with leading creators are featured along with the latest trends in Japanese anime, video game and manga.
  • Itadakimasu! Dining with the Chef - hosted by Yu Hayami & Patrick Harlan with master chefs Tatsuo Saito & Rika Yukimasa; this program introduces the worldview and attraction of Japanese cuisine that cares about the overall harmony of a variety of ingredients.
  • J-Architect - hosted by Yusuke Koshima; a Japanese architect's latest work is examined in ideas, technologies and designs to elucidate the key to J-architects' rising global recognition.
  • J-FLICKS - hosted by Helene Salvini Fujita; brings you the world of Japanese cinema, introducing and discussing current and classic films, as well as interviews with leading players.
  • J-Melo - hosted by May J.; features the latest, cutting edge developments in Japanese music, selections of hit songs, and diverse material from a wide range of different music genres - pop, rock, jazz and classical.
  • J-TECH Innovation & Evolution - hosted by Marc Carpentier; close up on the forefront of development and production of leading Japanese manufacturers to reveal the secret of 'Made in Japan' products' supremacy.
  • Japanology Plus - Going a step further from our previous series BEGIN Japanology, host Peter Barakan visits experts in various fields to show Japanese culture from a new perspective.
  • journeys in japan - Every week, reporters travel around the country, meeting the people in each area and exploring the local culture. They discover aspects of Japan that are hard to find in a guide book.
  • KABUKI KOOL - hosted by Ichikawa Somegoro VII & Haruka Christine; the program dives into the world of Kabuki, exploring shows selected based on modern themes and features Kabuki's creative staging and highlights.
  • Kawaii International - hosted by Mari Sekine, Melody Yoko & Misha Janette; enjoy the latest information from Tokyo on Kawaii people, items, and experiences! Everything Kawaii followers worldwide want to know can be found here!
  • Lunch ON! - offers insights into working people of all kinds, by looking at their lunch. Discover what they eat as they strive to reach new heights!
  • NHK Newsline - updates viewers with the latest hard news every hour, covering world events and business-related news, as well as providing global weather forecasts.
  • NHK Documentary - NHK's flagship current affairs documentary program.
  • RISING ARTIST - the program documents young and promising Japanese artists, featuring their world-class talents in pursuit of reaching new heights.
  • Science View - hosted by Tomoko Kimura, Rena Yamada & Michelle Nozomi Yamamoto; gives the world a window onto science and technology in Japan. Topics covered include space, life sciences, medicine, earth science, archaeology and much more.
  • Seasoning the Seasons - visits various locations around Japan to introduce the charms of their local daily life, festivals, and unique scenery.
  • Shima Kosaku's Asian Entrepreneurs - This series focuses on Asia's new entrepreneurs and their secrets for growth, using a unique style combining documentary and animation.
  • Side by Side - the program introduces cooperative projects between Japan and overseas, with focus on a Japanese on-site and how they work side by side.
  • Somewhere Street - is a close-up look at cities worldwide, as seen by a walking tourist. Visit places off the beaten path, meet ordinary people, and enjoy a travel experience that's only possible on foot.
  • SPORTS JAPAN - hosted by Ayako Kisa; tells you about the world of Japanese sports from sumo wrestling to judo to more globally played sports such as soccer and tennis. This show also examines the science of sport.
  • The Creative Woman - From Architecture to Zen, meet the female artists whose creativity inspires Japan. Share their vision and their passion.
  • The Mark Of Beauty - hosted by Masao Kusakari; is an unconventional art program that introduces the great variety of beauty to be found in the arts and crafts related to everyday Japanese life and suggests ways to appreciate them to the full.
  • Today's Close Up - hosted by Hiroko Kuniya Kunitani; takes an in-depth look not only at controversial and comprehensive agendas in Japan but also at many global issues.
  • Tokyo Eye - hosted by Chris Peppler; discover the many faces of the metropolis including the latest trends, events and hidden attractions.
  • Tokyo Fashion Express - hosted by Aki Shibuya; discover Japan's fashion trends as TFX goes behind the scenes to meet with Japan's leading designers and creators.
  • TOMORROW beyond 3.11 - a documentary series presents perspectives on the March 2011 disaster and recovery from filmmakers, musicians, thinkers, athletes, singers and actors from around the world who travelled to the region to support the well-being of survivors.
  • WILDLIFE - features nature, conveying the "real earth". Thoroughly observed images of great nature and vibrant wildlife, captured by the latest video.

Radio Japan[edit]

NHK World Radio Japan (RJ) broadcasts news, information, and entertainment programs focusing on Japan and Asia, for a daily total of 65 hours of broadcasts. Radio Japan provides two services:

Both services are available on shortwave (SW) as well as online.

RJ SW Relay Stations[edit]

RJ runs a domestic SW relay station

RJ also leases or owns several external relay stations

Radio Japan historical output (1950–1996)[edit]

For a comparison of Radio Japan to other broadcasters see the following:

Estimated total direct programme hours per week of some external radio broadcasters for 1996
Broadcaster 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 1996[2]
United States VOA, RFE/RL & Radio Martí 497 1,495 1,907 1,901 2,611 1,821
China China Radio International 66 687 1,267 1,350 1,515 1,620
United Kingdom BBC World Service 643 589 723 719 796 1,036
Russia Radio Moscow / Voice of Russia[1][3] 533 1,015 1,908 2,094 1,876 726
Germany Deutsche Welle 0 315 779 804 848 655
Egypt Radio Cairo (ERTU) 0 301 540 546 605 604
Iran IRIB World Service / Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran 12 24 155 175 400 575
India All India Radio 116 157 271 389 456 500
Japan NHK World Radio Japan 0 203 259 259 343 468
France Radio France Internationale 198 326 200 125 379 459
Netherlands Radio Netherlands Worldwide[1] 127 178 335 289 323 392
Israel Israel Radio International[1] 0 91 158 210 253 365
Turkey Voice of Turkey 40 77 88 199 322 364
North Korea Radio Pyongyang / Voice of Korea 0 159 330 597 534 364
Bulgaria Radio Bulgaria[1] 30 117 164 236 320 338
Australia Radio Australia 181 257 350 333 330 307
Albania Radio Tirana (RTSH) 26 63 487 560 451 303
Romania Radio Romania International 30 159 185 198 199 298
Spain Radio Exterior de España 68 202 251 239 403 270
Portugal RDP Internacional[1] 46 133 295 214 203 226
Cuba Radio Havana Cuba 0 0 320 424 352 203
Italy Rai Italia Radio[1] 170 205 165 169 181 203
Canada Radio Canada International[1] 85 80 98 134 195 175
Poland Radio Polonia[1] 131 232 334 337 292 171
South Africa Radio RSA / Channel Africa 0 63 150 183 156 159
Sweden Sveriges Radio International[1] 28 114 140 155 167 149
Hungary Magyar Rádió[1] 76 120 105 127 102 144
Czech Republic Radio Prague[4] 119 196 202 255 131 131
Nigeria Voice of Nigeria 0 0 62 170 120 127
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Radio Belgrade / International Radio of Serbia 80 70 76 72 96 68

Source: International Broadcast Audience Research, June 1996

The list includes about a quarter of the world's external broadcasters whose output is both publicly funded and worldwide. Among those excluded are Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and various international commercial and religious stations.


  1. Does not broadcast on shortwave as of 2014.
  2. 1996 figures as at June; all other years as at December.
  3. Before 1991, broadcasting for the former USSR.
  4. Before 1996, broadcasting for the former Czechoslovakia.

Internet service[edit]

NHK World programs and contents are available online:

Only a limited number of programs are available online for free.[2]

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