NHS Orkney

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Orkney area
Council areas Orkney
Size 990 square kilometres (380 sq mi)
Population 21,349
Formed 2004
Headquarters Kirkwall
Hospitals Balfour Hospital
Website NHS Orkney website
NHS Scotland

NHS Orkney is one of the fourteen regions of the NHS Scotland. It provides healthcare services in the Orkney area. NHS Orkney is headquartered in Garden House Kirkwall.

It operates one hospital, Balfour Hospital, in Kirkwall.

NHS Orkney has 24 General Practitioners (GPs) who work across 10 Practices.[1]

In 2009 the board published their own vision for how healthcare services across the Islands could be redesigned, in order to become more sustainable.[2]

In 2011 the board took the decision to use tablet computers to reduce the printing costs associated with their meetings.[3]


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