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<span style="font-size:140%;">Nigerian Telecommunications (NITEL)</span>


Director General: Engineer Abubakar Nahuce
Headquarters: Abuja, Nigeria

Nigerian Telecommunications Limited, or NITEL, is the principal telecommunications company in Nigeria, and was owned by the government of Nigeria until it was sold to Mtel by the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE). The mobile telecommunications arm of Nitel, Nitel is responsible for all wired telecommunications in Nigeria.

In February 2008 a report by BBC News says that the Nigerian government assumes the transnational corporation did not improve performance of NITEL and therefore stopped privatization in favour of Transcorp. Nigerians are frustrated that Nitel has failed to deliver impeccable services that can compare with other networks of the globe. They are not too optimistic that the present Nigerian Government can do this despite the president's promise of improved services by 2009. Looking from 1958 to the arrival of Global Satellite system communication (GSM) in Nigeria; NITEL was able to provide 450,000 susbscriber lines for a population of 120 million.<ref></ref>


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