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NITYA SEVA is an association which aims to give help to the disadvantaged sections of the society for their social-financial upliftment and in the areas of health awareness, cultural exchange and support during crises. It was formed on June 13, 1998 in Bensheim, Germany. NITYA SEVA receives international support.

Nitya Seva Society[edit]

In November 1999, Claus D. and Asha von der Fink established Nitya Seva Society at Bhopal (India). The society runs projects for the needy street, slum and platform children. These children include "Railway Platform Children", mostly with no relatives, are between the ages of 5 and 18 years. They are malnourished, suffer not only from serious skin and other diseases, but also nurse a badly hurt soul. Among these children are drug and alcohol addicts and also children who are forced into prostitution.

The Society at present is running two children's homes in Bhopal and provides:[1]

  • a comfortable sleeping place
  • facilities for washing and bathing
  • regular medical support
  • proper clothes
  • nourishing warm meals
  • facilities for school education and vocational training
  • opportunities for a meaningful life within the group and participation in civic activities, and to develop an open mind and a respect for different cultures and religions.

In addition Nitya Seva Society runs

  • two free computer schools
  • vocational training centres
  • a day care centre on the railway platform
  • medical camps

Claus D. von der Fink has been honoured with the Bundesverdienstkreuz of the Federal Republic of Germany for his social commitment in India.


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