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NRC Handelsblad
NRC Handelsblad logo.jpg
NRC Handelsblad Tuesday 2014-02-11 new layout.png
Front page of 11 February 2014
Type Daily newspaper (no Sunday edition)
Format 41.5 cm x 28 cm
Owner(s) Egeria[1] (100%). (Up till 2010: Het Gesprek (20%) )
Editor-in-chief Peter Vandermeersch
Founded 1970 by merger
Political alignment Social Liberalism
Language Dutch
Headquarters Rokin 65
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Circulation 188,500[2]
ISSN 0002-5259
Official website

NRC Handelsblad (Dutch pronunciation: [ɛnɛrseː ˈɦɑndəɫzblɑt]), often abbreviated to NRC, is a daily evening newspaper published in the Netherlands by NRC Media. The newspaper was launched on 1 October 1970, from merger of the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant (New Rotterdam Paper) and Algemeen Handelsblad (General Commerce Paper). In 2006 a morning newspaper, NRC Next, was launched. The circulation of NRC Handelsblad in 2014 was 188,500, putting it in 4th place among the national dailies.[2]


NRC Handelsblad started on 1 October 1970, after a merger of the Amsterdam newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad (founded 1828 by J.W. van den Biesen) and the Rotterdam Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant (founded 1844 by Henricus Nijgh). The paper's motto is Lux et Libertas – Light (referring to the Age of Enlightenment) and Freedom.

In February 2006, NRC Handelsblad started a morning newspaper, nrc•next, to attract educated readers who do not read a newspaper every day. Editor Folkert Jensma was succeeded on 12 December 2006, by Birgit Donker.[3] After a dispute with the new owners Donker had to step down on 26 April 2010[4] and was replaced by Belgian Peter Vandermeersch.[5]

On 7 March 2011, the paper changed its format from broadsheet to tabloid.

Journalists who work or have worked for NRC Handelsblad include: Henk Hofland, Hans van Mierlo, Marc Chavannes, Geert Mak, Karel van Wolferen, Jérôme Louis Heldring, Joris Luyendijk, Marjon van Royen, Derk Jan Eppink, Adriaan van Dis, Ben Knapen.


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