NSL Buses

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NSL Buses
An NSL Services Optare Versa in Shepherd's Bush
Founded 12 November 2005
Defunct 13 November 2009
Service area Greater London
Service type Bus
Routes 7
Hubs Park Royal and Twickenham
Operator TfL
Manager Steve Harris
Old NCP Challenger logo.
An NCP Challenger bus in Richmond on route 419.

NSL Buses (previously known as NCP Challenger) was an operator of London Buses. It was founded by Matt Larkin on 12 November 2005.

NSL was based in Middlesex, and was owned by NSL Services Group, which emerged from the car park operator National Car Parks as NCP Services in 2007.

On 13 November 2009, NSL Buses was bought by the former Transdev London, which today is transferred to London United Busways.


The company started operating TfL bus routes as NCP Challenger on 12 November 2005. They had obtained the contracts for routes 33 and 419, both were previously contracted to London United. A depot was established at Twickenham Trading Estate (off Rugby Road), and a number of London United staff filled the management positions.

Route 493 was added from 31 March 2007, having been operated by Armchair (now Metroline) on a nine month emergency short term contract.

A second depot was opened at Park Royal in North West London after winning the contracts to run routes 272, 440 and E11. Both 272 and 440 were transferred from London United (now Transdev London), and the E11 was transferred from First London. NCP Challenger started operation of all three routes on 26 May 2007.

On 28 February 2009, route 283 has been operated from the Park Royal depot, having been previously operated by Transdev London.

In April 2009, NCP Challenger was rebranded NSL Buses, due to NCP Services Group being rebranded as NSL Services Group.

During the introduction of the new name, NSL was rebranding their bus fleet to replace the old NCP-Challenger logo with the new NSL ones.

On 13 November 2009, NSL buses was sold to Transdev London, now London United.


NSL Buses operated 7 routes on contract to TfL, and all were operated by single-decker buses.

NSL was using Enviro200 Dart, Optare Versa, and Plaxton Pointer 2 buses.


NSL Buses operated from two garages.

Park Royal[edit]

This garage can hold approximately 50 buses, and runs London bus routes 272, 283, 440 and E11.


Park Royal (PK) garage was opened on 26 May 2007, on the site of the former Metroline Garage in Atlas Road, Harlesden, which had been closed in 2005.

The garage is actually located in a 3 places boundary, which are Park Royal, North Acton and Old Oak Common.

Bus types in use[edit]


This garage is located on Twickenham Trading Estate, off Rugby Road. The garage holds approximately 45 buses, and runs London bus routes 33, 419 and 493.


Their Twickenham Garage (NC) was the company's first garage, opened on 12 November 2005, to operate routes 33 and 419, and later the 493.

Bus types in use[edit]

One of the company's Enviro200 Darts, approaching Shepherd's Bush on route 272. It wore old NCP Challenger names at the time.

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