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Coordinates: 41°26′45″N 85°58′55″W / 41.445706°N 85.982067°W / 41.445706; -85.982067

NTA Inc.
The NTA Mark
The NTA Mark
Abbreviation NTA
Formation 1976 (1976)
Headquarters Nappanee, Indiana, United States
David A. Tompos
67 (2014)
Website www.ntainc.com

NTA Inc is a nationally recognized testing laboratory and third party certification agency headquartered in Nappanee, Indiana, USA.

About NTA[edit]

NTA is a third-party design review and inspection agency that provides independent building product certifications, building code compliance reviews, building code consulting services, quality audit inspection services, third-party plan review (DAPIA) and inspection (IPIA), and engineering services. They also provide in-plant quality audits for manufacturing processes. In 1998, NTA pioneered the development of the industry’s first electronic plan review software― eDAPIA. This advanced software revolutionized the process of third-party design review by minimizing review turn-around time and providing electronic transfer and secure storage of documents. The eDAPIA software breakthrough saved and continues to save modular home manufacturers considerable time and money.

Evaluation reports from NTA are used by code officials to verify that new and innovative building products comply with code requirements.

NTA is accredited by IAS, a subsidiary of the International Code Council[1]

NTA is one of five private agencies approved by the federal government[2] to review and inspect factory built housing.


Founded in 1976 by David R. Tompos and Dennis Norkus, NTA has long been a part of the Tompos family. David and Dennis worked hard to build a company whose name became synonymous with quality and integrity. Dennis retired in 2002, and David’s sons David A. and Eric purchased Dennis’ share, making NTA a truly family-owned business.

David A. Tompos, LEED AP BC+D, became president and CEO of NTA and has the responsibility of the overall strategic vision and direction of the company. He also oversees all government relations, including NTA’s involvement with HUD and state agencies. David studied at Purdue University and holds a bachelor of science degree in computer and electrical engineering. After graduating in 1998, David started his career at NTA as director of testing services at the testing laboratory. During this time, he gained a thorough understanding of manufactured housing testing procedures and in-plant quality control. While serving as director of testing services, David also pioneered the development of the industry’s first electronic plan review software, eDAPIA. This advanced software revolutionized the process of third-party design review by eliminating the delay in the traditional mail process and saving manufacturers considerable time and money. Before leaving the director of testing services position, David started the laboratory on a path to its current International Accreditation Service ISO recognition.

Eric Tompos, PE, SE, CBO, is executive vice president of NTA. He’s a licensed civil and/or structural engineer in all 50 states. Eric has both bachelor of science and master of science degrees in civil engineering from Purdue University and is recognized as a Certified Building Official by the ICC. He has extensive experience in the design and construction of factory-built structures, building components, materials testing and quality assurance. Eric’s current responsibilities are focused on structural design, code compliance of factory-built structures, development of policies related to NTA’s building product certification activities, and solving code compliance issues related to new and innovative building products.

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