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Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1997
Headquarters Waynesboro, Virginia, United States
Key people
Rodney Dir, C.E.O.
Products Wireless & Wireline
Website http://www.ntelos.com/

nTelos, Inc. is a wireless telecommunications company and PCS provider based in Waynesboro, Virginia. As of 2013, nTelos' service area covered 5.3 million people making it the 9th largest provider of mobile broadband in the United States.[1][2]

Wireless services[edit]

nTelos Wireless operates a CDMA PCS network in Virginia, West Virginia, and portions of Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina. nTelos Wireless began acquiring PCS spectrum in western Virginia and West Virginia in 1995 and began operations in Virginia in 1997 and in West Virginia in 1998. nTelos Wireless expanded in July 2000 to include Eastern Virginia with the acquisition of these assets from PrimeCo Personal Communications, LP. In June 2004, nTelos began to offer high speed data services in select markets and in 2006 began offering 1xRTT capability across their service area. Currently nTelos offers 1XRTT and REV. A EVDO using Alcatel-Lucent technology.[3] nTelos ended the year 2007 with 407,000 wireless subscribers. nTelos is also the fifth carrier in the nation to offer the iPhone at a reduced price compared to other carriers.[4]

Former services[edit]

A regional landline telecom provider since 1897, the company was originally named the Clifton Forge-Waynesboro Telephone Company (CFW).[5] From 2000 to 2011, the services operated under the name of nTelos, with the wireline business divided into two operations: a rural local exchange carrier (RLEC) and Competitive Wireline, which includes competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), network and internet operations. nTelos operated as a RLEC in Virginia and owns two incumbent local exchange carriers and serves three rural Virginia regions. As a CLEC, nTelos provided service in 16 areas in Virginia and West Virginia.

The wireline business is supported by a fiber optic network that is used to back-haul communications traffic for their own retail services and to provide wholesale transport services to other telecommunications carriers for their long distance, internet, wireless and private network services. nTelos started FTTP services in certain areas of Virginia.

nTelos' wireline services were spun off into a separate company, Lumos Networks, beginning in August 2011.[6] Lumos became fully independent of nTelos at the close of business on October 31, 2011.[7]


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