NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
NUST Pakistan New Logo.jpg
Motto A Center of Excellence for Quality Education and Research
Established April 1999
Type Public
Principal Dr. Arshad Ali
Location Islamabad, Pakistan

NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST-SEECS, formerly NUST Institute of Information Technology, is a school in Islamabad, Pakistan. The school is located in sector H-12 of the city.

NUST-SEECS was launched on self-finance basis in April 1999 as a constituent college of National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan (NUST). NUST-SEECS was formed as a result of the IT boom that gripped the country, the increase in demand for quality IT education and the requirement for NUST to launch its own IT department.

Degree programs[edit]

The school is split into two departments offering programs in both graduate and undergraduate levels.

  • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering
    • Master's in Communication and Computer Security
    • MS/Ph.D in Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Computing
    • Bachelors in Software Engineering
    • Bachelors in Computer Science
    • MS/Ph.D in Computer Science
    • MS in Information Security
    • Master's in Information Technology
    • Ph.D in Information Technology

Research Groups and Labs[edit]

Data Engineering for Large Scale Applications (DELSA)[edit]

The Data Engineering for Large Scale Applications, DELSA, research group explores semantics, databases, and interoperable systems in scientific and business domains. The research group aims at broadening the focus of database and data management techniques beyond their traditional scope.

Smart Machines And Robotics Technology (SMART) Lab[edit]

SMART Lab is currently working on developing a training system for laparoscopic and robotic tele-surgery in collaboration with Holy Family Hospital, Pakistan. Other areas of research include simulator design, intelligent robots and vision based algorithms for mobile robots. Some projects include a speech controlled robotic arm, an autonomous robotic platform and a robotic soccer environment for LEGO Mindstorms.

Research laboratory for Communication, Networks & Multimedia (Connekt)[edit]

Research laboratory for Communication, Networks & Multimedia, Connekt, addresses research problems arising in three areas: Multimedia Communications, Wireless Networks and the Internet. Areas of particular interest include Networking, Applied Information Theory and Network Performance Analysis. Lab's current research interest spans the theory and design of novel algorithms and frameworks for reliable multimedia transmission, processing and ubiquitous communication over Internet and wireless networks.

International Collaborations[edit]

National University of Sciences and Technology has been instrumental in strengthening academic-cum-industrial liaison with Microsoft, USA to come to Pakistan and help in promoting the local IT industry. Microsoft has awarded NUST the status of Authorized Academic Training Program Institute (AATPI), eventually becoming a role model for peer academia in the field of high-level information technology education in Pakistan.

NUST-SEECS has established a strong technology partnership with Intel. Intel has very recently established a laboratory at the SEECS campus to orient the students with latest technology trends in computing. Visiting Intel experts deliver lectures on emerging technologies at NUST-SEECS on regular basis.

University has established links with several software companies in the IT area. There has been tremendous effort that has resulted in corporate liaison with companies and universities abroad. On international level, Associate of Computing Machinery (ACM), USA has established its local students chapter to promote academic growth.

NUST-SEECS has been awarded the status of "Associate Research Institute" of CERN, the European center of Nuclear Research Geneva, Switzerland. Since 2000, NUST-SEECS has been working on collaborative on distributed computing problems relating to GRID problems with CERN. Dr. Arshad Ali (Director NUST-SEECS) toured CERN Switzerland and Prof. McClatchy's recent visit to NUST was a part of this remarkable effort.

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