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The NWA Tennessee Heavyweight Championship is the major championship in the National Wrestling Alliance member promotion NWA Top Rope, based in Lebanon, Tennessee.

There have been two versions of the championship. The title existed in the late 1950s and early 1960s in the NWA Mid-America territory, and the current version began in 2005.[1]

Title history[edit]

NWA Mid-America[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Billy Wicks 1 June 29, 1959 Defeated Sputnik Monroe in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Sputnik Monroe   1 August 3, 1959 Memphis, TN    
Billy Wicks 2 August 10, 1959 Memphis, TN
Sputnik Monroe 2 March 1960

NWA Top Rope[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Rick Santel 1 November 12, 2005 Lebanon, TN     Defeated Jason James and Jason Brisbane in a three-way match to become the first
champion in NWA Top Rope.
Stripped February 2006 Title stripped from Santel due to injuries.
Kory Williams   1 February 2006 Williams was awarded the title as the current NWA Top Rope Southern Heavyweight
Casey Kage 1 September 30, 2006 Lebanon, TN This was a Texas Bullrope match.
Title vacated January 27, 2007
Vic the Bruiser 1 February 24, 2007 Lebanon, TN Won a battle royal to win the vacant title.
Gary Valiant 1 June 2007 Lebanon, TN Defeated Vic The Bruiser

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