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The NWA World Midget's Championship was the National Wrestling Alliance's midget singles title.[1]

Title history[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Sky Low Low 1 1949 Paris, France Won a 30-man tournament to become the first World Midget champion, but the title may not be recognized by the NWA.
Little Beaver 1 In the 1950s Unknown title history.
Cowboy Bradley 1 June 1960 Recognized as champion in Georgia.
Lord Littlebrook 1 March 1966 Recognized as champion in Los Angeles, California from 1972.
Little Beaver 2 May 7, 1974 Recognized in Calgary.
Little Tokyo 1 August 1974 Recognized as champion in Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma. Possibly recognized in other NWA promotional states.
Cowboy Lang 1 April 25, 1980 Calgary, Alberta
Little Tokyo 2 December 1981
Tiny Tom 1 December 25, 1981 Dallas, Texas
Cowboy Lang 2 May 1983
Little Tokyo 3 May 30, 1983 Vancouver, British Columbia Defended the title as NWA's champion on an AWA card on September 25, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois.
Tiny The Terrible 1 October 4, 1998 Terryville, Connecticut Defeated Half Nelson for the title.
Little Killer 1 March 20, 1999 Thomaston, Connecticut

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