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NYLXS is one of New York City's more proactive free software/Linux education groups.

From its foundation in late 2001, granted 501.c status in 2007, its membership driven structure has driven the organization to try experimental, new organizational and educational concepts, much of which has been ground breaking and adopted by other organizations world wide.

NYLXS was the first organization to offer cheap and free detailed classes on the use of free software, Linux and the GNU system for the general public. It has been on the cutting edge in framing Digital Rights issues with the founding of NY Fair Use, and later, the New York Association of Copyright Stake Holders. NYLXS also began a publicly available professional "Inservice Program" in which professionals and researchers in Free Software are given a platform to explain their latest technological research to other professionals, in a peer review process.

NYLXS also created the Free Software Chamber of Commerce, which aligns IT consultants into a joint support group for improved customer services and legal services for individual IT consultants in the New York City area.

They have established a weekly radio show every weekend which is broadcast over the Internet only, as well as a quarterly scholarly journal, and a variety of mailing lists. They've worked with the Department of Education in bringing free software to schools. They have supported education nationally, internationally, and in local government about the availability and advantages of free software, as well advice on public policy which will encourage, and promote free software. They have also focused on education of the public's broad interest in survival of free software.

They have an education center in Brooklyn and meet most frequently in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

NYLXS as a non-profit sells no services, and only provides public service.

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