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For other uses of the term Naco, see Naco (disambiguation).

NaCo. is a Mexican clothing company founded in 2001. The company was founded by Edoardo Chavarin (29, Tijuana) and Robby Vient (24, Mexican American) after studying at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Its name derived from a play of words combining "naco" (equivalent to "tacky"or "ghetto" as an adjective or "White trash" as a noun) with the abbreviation of company, "co.". The company has popularized words in Mexican slang designing more than 120 t-shirts with phrases such as "Estar Guars", which is (supposedly) how a naco would pronounce Star Wars and "Chilangolandia", which is a combination of Chilango (slang term for people from Mexico City) and "Disneylandia" (Disneyland in Spanish). The company also has a second line of clothing dedicated to the lucha libre and has expanded to sales in Argentina with t-shirts with the phrase "boludo" (Argentine slang for "slacker") and with stickers found inside Doritos bags in Mexico.

Phrases on shirts[edit]

Original phrase NaCo. phrase
Acapulco Nacapulco
The Beatles Los Bitles
Brother Broder
Che Guevara + Cepillín Chepillín
Chilango + Disneylandia Chilangolandia
Deejay Diyei
Judas Priest Judas Tadeo (Jude Thaddaeus)
Los ricos también lloran (The rich also cry) Los ricos también roban (The rich also steal)
Staff Estaf
Star Wars Estar Guars, Stas Wey
Pepsi Pecsi
Raver Reiber
Europa Uruapan
Gulf of Mexico El Golfo de México (The Pimp of Mexico)
Subway Soy Guey
Nintendo No Entiendo (I Don't Understand)
China + Sinaloa Chinaloa

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