Nacho Galindo

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Nacho Galindo
Birth name Ignacio Galindo
Born March 1, 1959
Origin Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico
Genres Christian
Years active 1976 — Present

Ignacio Galindo, best known by his stage name, Nacho Galindo is a Christian Artist that rose to fame by being in a Non-Christian, Mexican, Conjunto group known as Conjunto Primavera.


Nacho Galindo was born on March 1, 1959. In 1976, he joined Conjunto Primavera with his brother Gustavo Galindo, his cousin Adan Huerta, Juan Dominguez, Ramiro Rodiguez & Telesforo Saenz. He spent 12 years with the band in which they released 11 albums. On June 28, 1986 he attended a Christian service, in which he "accepted Jesus into his heart". On March 19, 1989 he left the band telling them that "God had called him", since his life was complicated while in the band because of drugs and alcohol. From then, he finished his career in the music industry.


In 1991, he decided to start recording music again, with the difference that he wrote Christian lyrics, and that his music was only to influence people in a positive way. He now sings, and testifies only about God.


"A Donde Vas"
"Al Desalentado"
"Amor Incomparable"
"En La Batalla"
"Grupo Azareel"
"Himnos Tradicionales"
"Las Pruebas"
"Lo Que Dios Unio"
"Mi Anhelo"
"Mi Clamor"


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