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Nachvak Fjord, 2008

Nachvak is a deep fiord in northern Labrador nearly 2 km wide and 20 km long. The fiord is divided in two arms on the western end called Tallek and Tasiuyak. The mountains that surround the Nachvak are the highest in Labrador, where both Mount Razorback to the north and Mount Caubvick to the south are located.

The Inuit of Labrador have historically used this place as a summer fishing station. It was the site of a Hudson's Bay Company post from 1868 to 1905, the most northerly of the company's posts in Labrador. Governor William MacGregor estimated during his trip to northern Labrador in 1905 that there were 20 to 30 heathen, non-Moravian Inuit, in addition to Hudson's Bay Company personnel. In 1904 the Moravians induced several families to move to Killinek where a mission station was established. In 1908 MacGregor had noted that the Moravians hoped to induce the remaining Inuit to move to Hebron.

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Coordinates: 59°02′09″N 63°44′52″W / 59.03583°N 63.74778°W / 59.03583; -63.74778