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Nación ESPN
Starring David Faitelson
Country of origin United States
Location(s) Los Angeles, California
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel ESPNDeportes

Nación ESPN[1][2] is a sports-related talk show, modeled after ESPN's Sportsnation TV series. It is hosted by two sports journalists in the Latino market, David Faitelson and Adriana Monsalve, who will feature strong opinions, heated debates, celebrity interviews and heavy interaction with fans from all of the existing social media platforms. The one hour, Monday thru Friday show, is built around the fan and produced from the “L.A. Live” studios in HD. The show may establish Los Angeles as the Spanish language capital for ESPN. It premiered on ESPN Deportes February 14, 2011. The show has also been airing on ESPN for Mexico and Latin America since May 20, 2011.

Notable Segments[edit]

Ask the Professional[edit]

A celebrity has to answer five sports and general knowledge questions in 300 seconds. If the answer is correct the clock stops. If the answer is wrong 60 seconds are take off the clock. The time left will show how much they know.

Did You Hear That?[edit]

Sport-related sound bites of sports figures saying something humorous or outrageous.


Players caught on tape with hidden cameras during a practical joke or a funny situation.

Weird Web Stories[edit]

Unusual and often not sports related videos from the Internet. Last video will be paused in the middle so the co-hosts can guess what will happen next.

Montage of Soundbites[edit]

Montage of different sound bites from sports personalities pretending that are reacting to a specific topic.

The Skinny Lady and The Fat Man[edit]

Tabloid-like TV entertainment news segment that will cover the glamorous side of athletes.

3 Cheers/Jeers/Tears[edit]

The good, bad, and embarrassing plays of the day.

The Best of ESPN[edit]

The best and funniest moments from the different shows of ESPN International.

Fan Involvement[edit]

Sports fans will find Nación ESPN as the place to express their opinions and interact with the co-hosts thru online forums, poll questions, YouTube, Tweets, SMS and even as part of a live audience in the studio [3]

Fan Related Segments[edit]

  • What would you do? Fans will say what would they do if they were in the shoes of a famous player or coach.
  • Pulse of the Nation Top 5 tweets of the day.
  • Who knows more? Camera asks people questions about current sports news and other topics in public areas showing the most outrageously, incorrect answers.
  • Pictures from fans Fans displaying their crazy passion about sports and teams.
  • Funny videos from viewers Fans displaying some sport ability or trick.

Celebrity guest appearances[edit]

Each night, a high profile athlete, actor, singer, comedian or Latino public figure will be interviewed and involved in the different segments of the show. The interview questions will focus on the interviewee's passion for sports, comical stories about their careers, and stories of the day in sports. Showing different sides of a celebrity's persona, the show will end each segment with some sort of a competition between the co-host(s) and the guest. This activities will range from foosball competitions to basketball shootouts.

Focus on Technology[edit]

This show will be driven by the involvement of fans, the hosts, and technology, making it one of the most interactive and dynamic shows in television. Thanks to the use of the latest technology available such us touch screen monitors, virtual graphics and web walls, the technology enhancement will provide a unique angle to the show, something totally unprecedented in Hispanic television. Nación ESPN will be the meeting place for sports entertainment and new technology on ESPN Deportes.

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