Nadech Kugimiya

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Nadech Kugimiya
Born Chonlathit Yodprathum[1]
(1991-12-17) 17 December 1991 (age 23)
Khonkaen, Thailand
Other names Barry
Occupation Actor, Model, Singer
Years active 2009–present
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Religion Buddhism

Nadech Kugimiya (Thai: ณเดชน์ คูกิมิยะ; rtgsNadet Khukimiya, born December 17, 1991 in Thailand) is a Thai model and actor of Thai and Austrian descent. Nadech Kugimiya is the youngest adopted child of Yoshio Kugimiya (his adoptive father) and Sudarat Kugimiya (his adoptive mother). Nadech Kugimiya was born in Khonkaen, Thailand. His nickname Barry comes from his original nickname "Brand". He is of Thai and Austrian descent. He is currently a student at Rangsit University, majoring in the Faculty of Communication Arts In 2011 a magazine revealed that the actor Nadech "Barry" Kugimiya was of Thai-Austrian descent and not Thai-Japanese. The actor came forward to say he didn't mean to deceive anyone and declared himself unworried by the resulting fuss. Reportedly far from deceiving fans for his own sake, he really did it for his adoptive parents: "My foster father is Japanese. I told everyone I am half Thai, half Japanese to honour him." He denied he felt stressed to be exposed as Thai-Austrian. "I meant to tell people, but the time had not yet arrived," he said.[2] In his personal life he can speak fluently in Isan dialect and Central dialect Thai languages. However, he cannot speak Japanese language because Yoshio, his adoptive father, did not teach him, instead only speaking Thai to him.[3] At the age of 16, Nadech became a model doing photo shoots and commercials as Trident chewing gum with Pachrapa Chaichua, Shokubutsu shower cream for Men, Samsung Monte 3G, Nevia For Men, Yamaha Fino, Baoji shoes (with Khemanit Jamikorn), Lays (with Urassaya Sperbund), Mazda, Minute Maid Pulpy and more In 2010, he made his feature drama debut in a leading role in Ngaorak Luangjai as Nawa Gamtornpuwanat. Nadech Kugimiya gained immense popularity after his work in the series called drama 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao (Duang Jai Akkanee or Akkanee's Heart) as Fai Akkanee Adisuan played with Urassaya Sperbund and (Gamerai Gamerak or Love Game Evil Game) as "Saichon / Charles Makovich" played with Urassaya Sperbund.[4] His manager is Suphachai Sriwichit.[5]


Year Pronunciation in Thai Title in English With Role Producer On
2010 Ngao Rak Luang Jai Love in Shadow Natwara Wongwasana Nawa Gamtornpuwanat Maker-Y Channel 3
Thara Himalaya Water of Himalaya - Akkanee Adisuan (Fai) Maker-Y Channel 3
Duang Jai Akkanee Akkanee's Heart Urassaya Sperbund Akkanee Adisuan (Fai) No Problem Channel 3
Pathapee Leh Ruk Pathapee's Love Trick Urassaya Sperbund Akkanee Adisuan (Fai) Good Feeling Channel 3
Wayupak Montra The magic Windy Urassaya Sperbund Akkanee Adisuan (Fai) Act Art Generation Channel 3
2011 Game Rai Game Rak Love Game Evil Game Urassaya Sperbund Saichon / Charles Makovich Lakorn Thai Channel 3
2012 Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong Who Own This Land? Urassaya Sperbund Athit No Problem Channel 3
2013 Rang Pratana Heated Desire Kimberly Ann Voltemas Pittaya Lakorn Thai Channel 3
Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan Love Wins Out Over The Sun - Ryu Onizuka Maker-Y Channel 3
Roy Fun Tawan Dued Dream Trace of Boiling Sun Urassaya Sperbund Ryu Onizuka Maker Group Channel 3
2014 Lom Son Ruk Wind hidden love Taew Nattaporm Pranon/Pran No Problem Channel 3





  • Bang Award: Boy of the year
  • TV Pool Star Party Award: Charming Guy
  • TV Pool Star Party Award:Presenter's Heartthrob
  • Siam Dara Star Award: Most Popular
  • Seventeen Teen Choice Awards: Hottie Male
  • OK Awards 2011: Female Heartthrob
  • Oops Magazine Award: Best On-Screen Couple Award with Yaya Urassaya Sperbund
  • Seesan Buntherng Awards: Best Leading Actor from Game Rai Game Rak
  • Seesan Buntherng Awards: Popular Leading Actor from Game Rai Game Rak
  • Seesan Buntherng Awards: Couple of the Year with Yaya Urassaya Sperbund from Game Rai Game Rak
  • Daokrajay: Male Actor of the Year


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