Nadia Benois

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Nadia Benois
Born May 17, 1896
St. Petersburg, Russia
Died December 8, 1974
Residence Britain
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity Russian
Occupation Artist, Painter
Spouse(s) Jona Ustinov
Children (Actor/Author) Peter Ustinov

Nadia Benois (born May 17, 1896, in St. Petersburg, Russia) was a painter of still life and landscape, and stage designer.[1] Benois came from a background of artists that displayed their work around Russia. Benois's father focused on architect and Alexandre Benois(uncle) organized the Ballets Russes. Benois's family works are shown in a museum at the Peterhof Palace. Benois studied how to be an artist at St. Petersburg Academy of Fine arts. In 1920, Benois moved along with her husband, Jona Ustinov to London. During her travel, Benois would paint some artifacts that were based on what she experienced. Benois also was exhibiting her artifacts in galleries. Benois used her talents to help her son's acting career by formatting the screenplays and plays and creating costumes and sets.[2]

Benois's Artifacts[edit]

"Kensington Gardens"-(Manchester City Art Gallery, 1937) "Three Women Painters"-(Michael Parkin Gallery, 1975)

Benois's Designs Productions[edit]

"Dark Elegies"-(1937) "The Sleeping Princess"-(1939)


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