Nadim Sawalha

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Nadim Sawalha
Born Nadim Sawalha
(1935-09-09) 9 September 1935 (age 79)
Madaba, Jordan
Years active 1964-present
Spouse(s) Roberta Lane (? - present)
Children Nadia Sawalha
Julia Sawalha
Dina Sawalha
Relatives Nabil Sawalha (brother)
Baha Sawalha (nephew)
Lara Sawalha (niece)

Nadim Sawalha (Arabic: نديم صوالحة‎) (born 9(?) September 1935) is a Jordanian-born English actor and father of actresses Julia and Nadia Sawalha.

Nadim was born in Madaba, Jordan, in 1935[1] and came to Britain in the 1950s, to study drama.[2] His daughter Julia revealed on her episode of Who Do You Think You Are? that even he is uncertain of his birth date, but it is thought to be around 7 to 9 September.[3]

Acting career[edit]

Nadim Sawalha has made over 100 appearances in film and television, in a career spanning more than 40 years.

Television roles[edit]

(list not exhaustive)

Film roles[edit]

Other roles[edit]

  • He played the part of Omar Badri in BBC's 'CDX' computer game.


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