Nagas of Padmavati

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Nagas of Padmavati
(Allied to Vakataka)

Capital Padmavati Pawaya
Languages Sanskrit
Religion Hinduism
Government Monarchy
 -  210-231 CE Bhima Naga
 -  231-245 CE Skanda Naga
 -  245-260 CE Vasu Naga
 -  260-275 CE Brihaspati Naga
 -  275-290 CE Ravi Naga
 -  290-305 CE Prabhakara Naga
 -  305-320 CE Bhava Naga
 -  335-340 CE Deva Naga
Ganapati Naga
 -  Earliest Naga coins 210
 -  Established 210
 -  Disestablished 340

Naga Dynasty, Nagas of Padmavati (Hindi: नाग) (210 – 340 CE) was an ancient royal family of central, India that ruled Vidisha, Padmavati, Kantipur and Mathura.[1]


The Naga kings are best known for their coins.[2] Several thousands of them have been found.[3]

Bhava Naga is mentioned in a Vakataka inscription which states that Rudrasena I was a daughter’s son of Bharasiva Naga family.[4] Ganapati Naga is mentioned in the Allahabad Pillar Inscription of Samudragupta.[5] Nagasena is mentioned as the ruler of Padmavati in Harshacharita of Bāṇabhaṭṭa.[6]

Naga coins[edit]

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