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Nagamichi Kuroda (黒田 長礼 Kuroda Nagamichi?, 24 November 1889 – 16 April 1978) was a Japanese ornithologist. His works included Birds of the Island of Java (2 Volumes, 1933–36) and Parrots of the World in Life Colours (1975). He described the Crested Shelduck in 1917.[1]

He also worked on the distinction between the auks and petrels and the special characteristics of shearwaters that foraged underwater.

Kuroda, N. 1953. On the skeletons of Puffinus nativitatus and Pagodroma nivea. Tori 13: 50-67. Kuroda, N. 1983. Some osteological notes on Procellariiformes. Tori 32:41-61.

List of books available in English[edit]

  • Birds of the Island of Java (1933)
  • Passeres (1933)


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