Nagareyama-ōtakanomori Station

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Nagareyama-ōtakanomori Station
Nagareyama-ōtakanomori Station, October 2007
Prefecture Chiba
(See other stations in Chiba)
City Nagareyama
Neighborhood etc. 6 Nishi-Hatsuishi
Postal code 270-0121
(in Japanese) 千葉県流山市西初石六丁目
Year opened 2005
Rail services
Station number(s) No.12 (Tsukuba Express)
Operator(s) Tobu Railway
Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company
Line(s) Urban Park
Tsukuba Express (TX)
Statistics 46,233 (Tobu)
27,753 (TX) passengers/day (FY2009)

Nagareyama-ōtakanomori Station (流山おおたかの森駅 Nagareyama-ōtakanomori-eki?) is an interchange railway station in Nagareyama, Chiba, Japan, operated jointly by the two private railway operators Tobu Railway (as an infill station) and Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company.


The station is served by the following two lines.

It is located 38.4 km from the terminus of the Tobu Noda Line at Ōmiya Station, and 26.5 km from the terminus of the Tsukuba Express at Akihabara Station.

Station layout[edit]

Tobu platform layout, as seen from the train tracks

Nagareyama-ōtakanomori Station has two opposed side platforms at ground level for the Tobu Noda Line, connected by an overpass to the elevated station building above. The Tsukuba Express has two elevated island platforms built at a right angle to the Noda Line platforms, built above the station building. A walkway form the station connects it to the Forest of Nagareyama shopping mall.



1 Tobu Urban Park Line for Nodashi, Kasukabe, and Ōmiya
2 Tobu Urban Park Line for Kashiwa, Shin-Kamagaya, and Funabashi

Metropolitan Intercity Railway[edit]

1, 2 Tsukuba Express for Moriya and Tsukuba
3, 4 Tsukuba Express for Kita-Senju, and Akihabara

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tobu Urban Park Line
Hatsuishi   Local   Toyoshiki
Tsukuba Express (12)
Minami-Nagareyama (10)   Rapid   Moriya (15)
Minami-Nagareyama (10)   Commuter-Rapid   Kashiwanoha-campus (13)
Minami-Nagareyama (10)   Semi-Rapid   Kashiwanoha-campus (13)
Nagareyama-centralpark (11)   Local   Kashiwanoha-campus (13)


The station opened on 24 August 2005, coinciding with the opening of the Tsukuba Express line.[1]


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