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Nahal Hever (Hebrew: נחל חבר‎, Arabic: wadi al-Khabat‎) is a stream in the Judean Desert that flows from Ein Gedi and Masada to the Dead Sea.

At the head of the stream are two caves, the "cave of letters" (מערת האיגרות), and, further up, the "cave of horrors" (מערת האימה) in which have been found archeological evidences of the Bar Kokhba revolt (132–136).

The sites were discovered 1953 and investigated 1960-1961 by Yigael Yadin. The papyri were published in two volumes; Greek (1989), and Hebrew and Aramaic (1991).[1]


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Coordinates: 31°24′47.42″N 35°21′57.21″E / 31.4131722°N 35.3658917°E / 31.4131722; 35.3658917