Nahathai Thewphaingarm

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Dr.Nahathai Thewphaingarm
New Young Leader
Dr.Nahathai's Recent Picture
Father Narong Thewphaingarm
Mother Usa Thewphaingarm
Born Bangkok

Nahathai Thewphaingarm was a Member of the Parliament of Thailand (2005–2006) and a Vice Spokesman of the Thai government (2001–2002).

She is on the board of an English program at the Thewphaingarm School called TSEP. A family run school in Bangkok. She has her Ph.D in education from University of Wisconsin. She was a politician and member of the Parliament. She belonged to the Thai Rak Thai party. She left the party just before Thai Rak Thai Party was banned. Today she is the Chief of Counsellor of Thewphaingarm school and Thewphaingarm school English Program Bangkok, Thailand.

On 31 October 2009, she married Thai-Canadian dot-com entrepreneur Tan Soamboonsrup.

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