Abraham River

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Abraham River

The Abraham River (Arabic: نهر ابراهيم‎, Nahr Ibrahim) also known as Adonis River, is a small river in the Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It passes through the town of Nahr Ibrahim before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. The city takes its name from the river (nahr means river in Arabic). Today, it is one of the tourist attractions in Lebanon. According to Greek mythology, Adonis the god of love and beauty, was killed near the river by a boar sent by Ares, the god of war (or by Ares himself disguised as a boar, depending on the version). According to the myth, Adonis's blood flowed in the river, making the water reddish for centuries.

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Coordinates: 34°03′44″N 35°38′32″E / 34.06222°N 35.64222°E / 34.06222; 35.64222