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Nail may refer to:

In biology[edit]

  • Nail (anatomy), toughened keratin at the end of an animal digit
  • Nail (beak), a plate of hard horny tissue at the tip of some bird beaks

In objects[edit]

  • Nail (fastener), the pin-shaped fastener used in engineering, woodworking and construction

In entertainment and media[edit]




  • Stump (game), a drinking game played with a stump, nails, and a hammer


  • Nail (album), an album by Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel
  • The Nails, a 1970s band from Colorado
  • Nail, a heavy metal/alternative band from Fremont, Nebraska

In people[edit]

  • Jimmy Nail, English actor and singer
  • Lenny Dykstra, former Major League Baseball outfielder whose nickname was "Nails"
  • Nail Yakupov, first overall pick for the Edmonton Oilers in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft

In other uses[edit]