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Naim Araidi (Arabic: نعيم عرايدي‎, Hebrew: נעים עריידי; born Maghar, Israel April 2, 1950) is a Israeli Druze writer known for his poems in both Hebrew and Arabic.


Araidi completed his elementary school in his village, then moved to Haifa to complete his secondary education. He went on to gain B.A in Hebrew language and Political Science and another B.A in Hebrew Literature and Comparative Literature. Then he gained a M.A in Hebrew Literature and Comparative Literature at Haifa University. This was followed with a Ph.D in Hebrew Literature from Bar-Ilan University.

Work and Writing Career[edit]

He served as a teacher and a lecturer in both Haifa & Bar-Ilan Universities. Then he moved to Gordon College and the Arab College for Education in Israel. Currently he serves as the Director of the Children's Literature center at the Arab College as well as the co-ordinator of Studies for the Non-Jewish students at Gordon College. Dr. Naim presents two weekly programmes on Channel 2, a children's programme and a news programme. He also established "Al-Sewar" magazine. He had many positions and has participated in a large number of international festivals for writing and poetry. Many of Araidi's books are now available in different languages world-wide. For the first time in Italy in 2014 an anthology of his poems was published by Seam Edizioni and is reprinted in about three months. The first edition was presented during the roman poetical twinning with Ottobre in Poesia[1] in 2013. The second edition is a cause of a tour organized by the same publisher and poets Igor Costanzo, Beppe Costa, Stefania Battistella; these poets are the same that have translated the book,.[2][3]

Nissan Festival[edit]

Araidi established the Nissan organization for Literature in 1999. The Nissan Festival is an annual international Festival, held in Maghar Village, in April.


In April, 2012, Araidi was supposed to serve as Israeli ambassador to New Zealand.[4] In June, that decision was changed and he was instead appointed as ambassador to Norway[5] where he served until 2014.[6]


In Hebrew[edit]

  • Is Love Possible
  • In Five Dimensions
  • Soldier of Water
  • Perhaps it Love
  • Back to the Village
  • Compassion and Fear

In Arabic[edit]

  • Devils and Graves
  • As Illusions of Land
  • As Illusion of the Sun
  • Alone
  • Hope is Forever
  • Songs of the Carmel in Maritime Love

In Italian[edit]

Prizes and Awards[edit]

  • Prime Minister's Award for Hebrew Literature, 1986
  • Creative award for Arabic Literature
  • Senate of Paris Award, 1990
  • Honorary doctorate, The International Center for Poetry, USA, 1991
  • Prize awarded by "Omanut La'am for the Promotion of Culture in Israel", 1993


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