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Nairi Zarian (real name - Hayastan Yeghiazarian, Armenian: Նաիրի Զարյան, December 31, 1900, Kharakonis, near Van, Ottoman Empire - 1969, Yerevan) was a Soviet Armenian poet and writer, the chairman of Armenian SSR Committee for the Defense of Peace.

A survivor of the Armenian Genocide, in 1915 he moved to Russia.[1] He finished Yerevan State University. In "Rock of Rushan" poem (1930) he showed "the socialistic resistance of Armenian village". His "Hatsavan" novel (1937—47) is dedicated to the process of collectivisation. During World War II Zarian published a large number of poems and notes, in 1943 finished his "The voice of Homeland" poem. In 1946 his "Ara Geghetsik" historical tragedy was published. Being a supporter of Stalinism, he was arrested and after the death of Stalin he changed some of his views.

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